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Errors in Cambridge 10 Book?

by samfan


I am preparing the ielts using the book Cambridge 10, and I am almost sure that there are mistakes for the reading answer keys of the test number 4, for the questions 2, 8 and 9.

Question 2 is:

"Children are more independent today than they used to be", the answer keys in the book says it is True.

Since the text contains:

"In recent surveys, when parents in some cities were asked about their own childhood experiences, the majority remembered having more, or far more, opportunities for going out on their own, compared with their own children today".

I would be tempted to answer FALSE, but since it doesn't say directly that they are less independent, i wonder if the answer is not "NOT GIVEN"?

Finally, based on paragraph 4 and 5, i would say that:

Question 8:

Problem = fears of danger for children, cause = few adults know local children (the text contains:

"This in itself may exacerbate fears associated with assault and molestation of children, because there are fewer adults available who know their neighbors' children").

So my answer is 8A (the answer stated in the book is 8G)

Question 9:

problem = higher accident risk, cause=more children driven to school (the text contains:

"The extra traffic involved in transporting children results in increased ... accident risk").

So i answered 9G (instead of 9D as it is written in the book)

What do you think of those answers?

Thank you.

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Nov 04, 2015
Cambridge 10 Reading Answers
by: IELTS buddy

Hi samfan,

I would agree with you that Q2 looks like it should be false as the text says parents felt like they could go out more on their own when they were young.

So I don't know why the books has True as the answer.

I can't comment on 8 and 9 though as I don't know what the choices were you are referring to.

Feb 29, 2016
IELTS 10 Reading answers wrong
by: Anonymous

Samfan, yeah, man)

Absolutely agree with you...
I found the same too

May 18, 2016
Errors in Cambridge Ielts 11
by: Lan

I found errors in answer key to Reading Test 4, passage 2.

There are 5 multiple choice questions (14-18) but there are 6 answers (14-19).

T/F/NG questions range from 19-23 but the answer key includes only 4 answers (20-23).

Whereas there are only 2 answers (24,25) to 3 questions (24-26) in matching part.

Do you guys see the same?

Jul 08, 2016
Another errors i've found in Cambridge 10 Book
by: Anonymous

Reading test 2, passage 3, question 39:

"used to stop feeling over a large area of the body"

The answer is general anesthetic.

However, in the text, "general anesthetic is used to put a patient into a temporary state of unconsciousness" and "regional anesthetic is used to block the sensation and possibly the movement of a larger portion of the body"

-> so that the answer should be regional anesthetic, right?

Also, question 30, i think the answer should be Not given

Jul 08, 2016
Another errors i've found in Cambridge 10 Book
by: IELTS buddy

I think I would need to see some more parts of the reading than what you have copied there as the answer in the Cambridge book is correct.

I'm sure somewhere around the quotes you gave it clarifies that.

A general anesthetic would cover the whole body as it sends you too sleep (thus it covers the largest area).

Regional is for a specific area - so would be smaller.

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