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Enquiry on Results for IELTS Reading 
Hello , I got my IELTS results yesterday which were L: 7.5 S: 6:5 W: 6.5 R: 5.5 I am getting stuck because of .5 marks in Reading Section. …

Locating answers in the IELTS reading test 
Hi! I've noticed that when I answer the questions for each exercise in a Reading passage, the specific part in the passage that supports the answer …

IELTS Reading Remark 
Hello, I got all 5.5 in my first time IELTS, except 7 in Speaking. The second time i got R- 5 L- 6.5 S - 8 w - 8 So is there possibility …

Confusion IELTS True False Not Given Questions  
If a statement in the passage says: "You need to be fully knowledgeable about the latest forensic sciences and technologies used to track criminals," …

Reading Faster for IELTS 
How can i do the reading test faster and correctly within 1 hr with out the time shocking me. Please I need help.

Following Instructions IELTS Reading 
Hi, Could you please help me with the following question? Questions 36-40 Below is the list of steps in the kraft process of turning wood chips …

Errors in Cambridge 10 Book? 
Hello, I am preparing the ielts using the book Cambridge 10, and I am almost sure that there are mistakes for the reading answer keys of the test number …

My scores are getting worse in IELTS Reading exam (General Reading) 
Hi All, Recently, I gave IELTS General Exam 2 times and all the time I had trouble with IELTS reading test. I have scored: 7.5 (Speaking) …

IELTS reading tips from test takers 
Advice to anyone about to do the IELTS: reading section Preparation is key. I would suggest using online resources like you-tube and the following …

Tips for the different types of reading questions 
Matching Headings and T, F, NG Questions Hi, I tried hard to get correct Headings and True / False questions. But somehow I'm not able to …

Can we use singular or plurals in IELTS reading answers? 
If our answer is mistakenly in plural but had to be in singular, would that be right or wrong under listening section? But, this issue has ignored …

Writing the wrong thing on the IELTS reading answer sheet 
I wrote T F NG instead of True False and Not given. Do I loose marks?

Can we look at the text repeatedly in the IELTS reading test? 
hi i want ask that during reading section, can i view passage repeatedly while solving the questions? like if there is a question asking about any name …

Managing time in the lELTS reading test 
The Reading Skill is very difficult??? And the time is not enough to cover or finish all the 3 topic ... please advise me how to control or balance …

How do I skim and scan in the IELTS Reading Test? 
This is about the order of skimming and scanning in IELTS reading. Do you have to read all the questions first? Next what do you do ? The academic …

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