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My scores are getting worse in IELTS Reading exam (General Reading)

by Anonymous

Hi All,

Recently, I gave IELTS General Exam 2 times and all the time I had trouble with IELTS reading test.

I have scored:

7.5 (Speaking)
6.5 (Writing)
6.5 (Listening)

But my Reading test is getting worse in each exam. First time, I scored 5.5 in reading and the last time, I scored 5.

Below are the issues that I have faced during my last 2 exams.

1. Ran out of time.
2. Not able to understand the whole passage.
3. Not able to answer TRUE, FALSE and NOT GIVEN question.

Please suggest me some tricks and techniques for scoring well in Reading test.

Appreciate, if someone could suggest me the website for improving my reading skills and speed.

Thanks all.

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Oct 11, 2015
excellent IELTS
by: Anonymous is one of the best IELTS websites that I can suggest to those who are struggling in the General Training True,False,Not Given questions.

Oct 12, 2015
A great learning resource!
by: Anonymous

I want to say a big "thank you" to the man who put this teaching resource together. It is an invaluable tool for anyone preparing for IELTS or any exam requiring essay writing. I took my first exam in 2013 october and had 7.5 in writing, 7.0 in speaking, 6.0 in reading and 5.5 in listening with an overall band score of 6.5. However, i took the exam again in May last year, because i needed a higher score.I then had 7 in writing, 7 in reading, 7 in listening and 6.5 in speaking with an overall score of 7. IELTS buddy was my study guide all through that period.
Thank you IELTS buddy. More power to your elbow!

Oct 13, 2015
A few Tips
by: Anonymous

Well, I took my IELTS GT exam recently and got the following scores:

Speaking 6.5
Writing 6.5
Reading 8.0
Listening 8.5

So, i guess I am in a position to offer few tips here for Reading.

First, try to limit your time to 45 minutes during practice. Easier said than done but will help you a great deal during exam. You would be able to review your answers and could add a 1 band in your final score.

Second, before you start reading the passage, jump to the questions and check what kind of information you are searching. Is it some date or Name or Place. Then start skimming the passage. In this way, you would be able to underline important information.

Third and Last, follow for TFNG kind of questions. She is giving real good tips and have great excercises for practice.

Good Luck for your exam.


Oct 19, 2015
I need some help in reading
by: Wilson

I really worse in table questions

Oct 21, 2015
Speaking Practice
by: Shamim

Hi, I am shamim,

Going to be take exam within November. If anyone want to Conversation with me
everyday you are most welcome!

My Skype ID- taspiwadud
IMO- +88-017176223471
Viber- +88-01716223471


Nov 06, 2015
facing problem in speaking
by: Jay

I have also exam in nov.......

Mar 23, 2016
Gt reading problem
by: Mann

i try lots of gt reading practice but I get hardly 5 band so plz get me some more hints how to increase my ielts band .if u give some thoughts it will keen for me ,,

Aug 25, 2016
me too
by: Mariam

i have same problem :(

Dec 10, 2016
reading module
by: Anonymous

I took ielts four times and every time I also got 5.5 in reading module. but in the 5th attempt I scored 6.5 in reading. if you want to score well in reading you need to practice more and more sample tests. In reading module we can score 9 out of 9. which can be possible only by practicing more and more.

Mar 02, 2017
not able to achieve 7 bands in GT reading
by: Nadia

Kindly suggest practice test books for GT reading ielts because I am unable to score in reading.I got 5.5 and need 7 .

Apr 29, 2017
Need help to improve ielts score
by: Anonymous


I attempted GT exam recently and received below score:-


I am stressing too much and i require 7 each band. I am intending to appear for exam in 6-8 weeks. Can someone please recommend me some tips to improve my score?

Especially, I run out of time in reading and in writing I don't have strong vocabulary as well lacking of complex sentence.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Jun 09, 2019
I am suck at reading... I'm stuck at 6.5
by: Anonymous

Same problem buddy...

My last score:

Speaking 7.5
Writing 7.5
Listening 8.0
Reading 6.5

I do not know how to get more than 6.5

Jul 10, 2019
Reading - preparing
by: Anonymous

Reading requires strong concentration at first sight. I scored only 5.5 :-(. I am currently preparing for my exam. Planning to score 7. I sometimes get 7, and sometimes get 6. on thorough practice. Last time scored 5.5 because of lack of concentration. True or false is the toughest part where most answers go wrong.

Nov 05, 2019
I don't know where I am going wrong
by: Anonymous

I don't seem to be able to get more than 6 in my GR reading. First attempt was 6.5, second was 6. Worse off I don't even know where I'm going wrong because I attempt all questions. Any advice for me?

Nov 10, 2019
use of tense in the blanks
by: Anonymous

Is it compulsory to write in which tense our answer is? As I heard somewhere that in case of fill in the blanks we must write the answers from the passage as well as also in which tense it is.

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