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Locating answers in the IELTS reading test

by Erato


I've noticed that when I answer the questions for each exercise in a Reading passage, the specific part in the passage that supports the answer is not used twice.

What I mean is that if I find the answer for question no.1 in the first two lines of the first paragraph, those two lines will not be used again for the support of another question.

Is this a valid conclusion? Is it correct?

Thank you.

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Nov 05, 2021
Locating answers in the IELTS reading test
by: IELTS buddy

It's difficult to know whether that occurs throughout all readings as obviously most people won't have checked that and we don't have access to all the official reading texts.

It's quite likely that is correct because obviously each question needs to be about something different. The reading is testing your comprehension of the text (whether you understand it) so they'd probably want to avoid testing you twice on the same bit of text.

I don't think though that when you are locating answers in the IELTS reading test you could automatically assume it will never be the case that perhaps an answer might be found in the same place.

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