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Get band 5.5 every time

by Bikash Rimal
(Bharatpur )

I have attended more then 3 times but every time I get 5.5 in writing and my aim is to get 6.5. Please give me some suggestions.

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Feb 26, 2017
Need 6.5
by: IELTS buddy

Unfortunately it's not as simple as someone giving you a few suggestions and then you get 6.5.

Writing is quite a difficult skill to improve and it takes time, especially if you have grammar problems.

Keep taking the test is not going to fix that - you need someone to actually guide you on where your errors are and show you how to improve them.

Are you doing that? If not, you are likely to keep getting the same score.

Other problems such as answering the question properly, organising your essay etc are easier to improve and you can learn how to do that by going through this website or other IELTS websites that provide that sort of training.

For example, see the IELTS Task 2 Lessons on this site.

It's also difficult to tell you how to improve because I have not seen any of your writing. Improving is a very personal thing and there may be certain things you are doing wrong that need addressing.

So ideally I would look at getting some kind of formal feedback and assistance from a tutor on your writing. You'll find some people who provide that service if you search through this website.

Good luck

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