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A lot of people find it difficult and have questions about getting a band 7 or over in the writing part of the test, so this forum is here especially to discuss this topic.

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Why you should buy IELTS buddy's eBooks to get band 7 
Hi everyone! I am writing to share with you all my story with IELTS so that you may find some motivation to continue. Like many of you I struggled …

Solving Industrial Pollution Essay 
Hi I have given IELTS in Nov 2017. Now I'm giving it again on 24 March due to 6.5 in writing. Can anybody here recheck my essay. I have tried improving …

Grammatical Accuracy for IELTS Writing Band 7 
I have attempted IELTS 3 times in the last 6 months but failed to achieve 7 Band in writing. I practice as well with so many sample essays and proper connectors …

Get band 5.5 every time 
I have attended more then 3 times but every time I get 5.5 in writing and my aim is to get 6.5. Please give me some suggestions.

Don't give up on getting an IELTS writing band 7 
Hey Guys! I've just got back my IELTS result recently. It wasn't the result that I want but I'm really happy with it. R - 8.0 (Roughly the same …

Stuck on 6.5 in Writing!!! 
hello. I am a doctor. I graduated and did my MBBS from Pakistan. I have given the IELTS (ACADEMIC) twice and got a 6.5 in writing. Worst part, …

How can I get band 7 if native speakers can't? 
How can i get score band 7 if even english people cant do band 7? that means i have to speak/write better then english person who was born in uk and …

Getting an IELTS Writing Band 7 Quickly 
Hey everybody, i am going to sit for IELTS within a month. My writing is very poor. please help me how can i improve my write up. Thanks

High level vocabulary and grammar in IELTS writing 
How is it possible to use many many vocabulary, higher grammatic rule, best thought in ielts writing task? I don't understand it. Have you any solution? …

What is holding my IELTS writing back? 

Never give in - I finally got an IELTS band 7! 
Guys, just to share with you guys the good news that broke out today. :-) yes, I made it i.e. all above 7. First time: L-7, R-7, S-6.5, w-6 Second …

Difficulties getting an IELTS Writing Band 7 
I need 7 in each module. Last time I gave ielts I got 9 in listening, 7.5 in reading and 7 in speaking and 6.5 in writing :( Really upset with that. …

How do I improve my writing band from 6.5 to 7? 
Improving the writing band from 6.5 to 7 has become impossible for me since I have taken this test 5 times over the last 18 months. My writing score …

How can I get an IELTS Writing Band 7? 
Hi, I have attempted IELTS GT module twice. My 1st time score is R-7 , L-7,S-7,W-6.5 and 2nd time score is R-7.5,L-8,S-7,W-6.5. I need to score 7 in each …

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