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How do I improve my writing band from 6.5 to 7?


Improving the writing band from 6.5 to 7 has become impossible for me since I have taken this test 5 times over the last 18 months.

My writing score was always 6.5, despite attempting different ways and attending various coaching classes.

Many online websites say that the key factor behind a good score is good topic related vocabulary. The paradox is that I scored more than 8 in both the reading and listening module in every attempt.

If I am able to score higher bands in those modules then I believe that I have enough vocabulary to score 7 in writing too.

I desperately need to score 7 in each modules to apply for a job in English speaking countries and i am running in short of time.

Does anyone have any idea what I should do? I am planning to post some essays (both task 1 & 2) in this forum.

Please suggest some ways to improve my score by half band. And also let me know in which areas I need to put my effort.

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Nov 11, 2012
A possible solution on improving IELTS score
by: ifeanyi

Dear Jobs,

Although am yet to write the IELTS, I have come across several tips as to how to tackle this exam.

All you have to do is to stick to all the IELTS writing lessons here on IELTSbuddy. It has helped me a lot in my IELTS preparation come 17th of November.

Since your problem lies in your writing score, why don't you try reproducing those essays, send them to about two or more Lecturers in English language to give you a good assessment of your performance.
Best of luck.


Nov 11, 2012
I too have similar problem
by: IELTS aspirant

By just looking at your reasonably good write-up here, I am wondering why you had not received band 7 yet. All the best for your attempt.

Coming to my case, I took the exam thrice so far and secured 6.5 once and 6 twice in Writing module. However, my band scores are above 7 in rest three modules.

I am also looking forward to see if there is any place my work can be evaluated on the 4 aspects (task response, cohesion and Coherence, grammatical range and accuracy and lexical skills) of writing separately, and help me identify the areas of improvement.

Nov 16, 2012
by: jobs

Hi itenyi,

It was very good advice from you to reproduce my essays and to seek correction from some teachers.

However, the problem is, can I find some good tutors who are adept at English and have ample experience in ielts essay correction.

In fact, i had got some correction from some ielts trainers in my country (not native English speakers) and most of them opined I write 7 band essays.

So I need someone who is very good at assessing ielts essays and giving band scores for them, but whom should i contact for it?

Is it possible for me to post some essays for some correction, though they do not give band scores?

Mar 06, 2013
ielts writting
by: azraa

i`ve a problem in writing essay, how can i improve my skill and can i write an essay and send it here 2 correct it. plz help me because i have 2 get ielts exam in 3-april

Apr 04, 2013
I want talk with u.........
by: ShahWali

how should i improve my writing?

Apr 11, 2013
help in writing band 7 or 8
by: Anonymous

Hi, there I have taken the exam several times myself now and i have never scored below 8 in W, L, S and a 6,5 in R and I need a 7.

Can you imagine the stress?

My writing information and help got from a good samaritan an ielts maker how actual gave me all the information on what is considered a band seven score and above.

I have actually helped people get above 7 in writing but i have stopped because no one is helping me with my reading. So it if there someone who is really good in reading I need your help.

I am willing to give information I got from her even the books. if yu serious email me at

Aug 02, 2013
Improving your reading
by: Anonymous

I have recently sat the exam myself, but my reading and wring needs to be at 7. I have been reading and getting input from other students. The goal is to keep reading variety of books. Saw this on youtube.. Hope it is useful..

Oct 12, 2013
Built your sentence . You can do it
by: N.M


I've been studying English language at a university in uk and teachers always tell me that if you want to get a great success especially in writing you should use a sundry of vocabulary and sentences more complexity.

Look at this sentence:

It is undeniable that the average person's lifestyle has chanced enormously during the last few decades owing to the huge impact of modern technology and economic development.

This sentence contains about 26 words, and you can add more words like 'although', 'even though' and 'however', to make your sentence very strong.

Oct 14, 2013
helping with reading
by: venus

Hi, I too have problem have writing and I think it needs lots of practice. I got 8.5 in reading. So any body needs tips for reading I am happy to help

Nov 25, 2013
ielts writing
by: Nish

I secured r 9, L 7.5, S 7.5 & guess wat W 6.5..I m going to give it for re-evaluation for W. Hope it would help..for reading answer the thorough ones first & short list the rest of the answers accordingly..

Dec 30, 2013
Reading score improvement
by: Anonymous

I have recently given the exam and scored 6.5 in Reading and overall band score of 7 with

and S-7.

I have to give the exam again in January.Please suggest areas of improvement in Reading as well Writing

Jan 27, 2014
Improve your score from 6.5 to 7.0 writing
by: 28DaysIELTS

Firstly, 6.5 is a great score, so well done.

Secondly, look at the public band descriptors to see how writing is scored across all 4 criteria. If you need .5 more, it means you need to improve one or more of the 4 criteria to improve your overall score.

Thirdly, your score for task 1 affects your task 2 score and visa versa - did you know this? task 1 is rated at 33% of your total writing score and task 2 is rated at 66% of your total score. Then both are calculated together to arrive at your overall writing score. It could mean you need to improve task 1 more than task 2 or visa versa.

If you wish, ill critique one essay and show you what you need to work on FREE - Ill publish your essay here and comment on my findings for you and everyone else to see.

Mark - IELTS tutor.

Mar 01, 2014
how bad of the score if i did not finish the task 2 essay
by: Anonymous

i did the test this morning i had a huge problem that i did not finish the task 2 .i wrote to the conclusion part but not end. I am not sure about the length of its too ( may be less than 250 words). So i need to ask , how bad of my situation. how score i should get ? thanks.

Jun 22, 2014
The same problem
by: Anonymous

I have taken the test for three times. I got 6, 6.5, 6.5 in writing, but 7 to 8.5 in other skills. I'm going to apply for my PR in Australia and I need to have all my individual skills 7 or more in order to get 10 points.

Aug 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

I think nothing is impossible. I here have a nice idea, but you have to try it daily.

Try to make the writing a habit in your life
for example:

Try to write one essay every day and try to find some one who can mark, correct and guide you

Maher Al-nabris
Teacher of English and IELTS tutor

Aug 11, 2014
how to improve your writing score
by: Anonymous

First of all, i need to see one of your essays.

Then i can assess your weak areas and provide you with feedback about how to improve your score in all four of the marking criteria for writing.


Sep 18, 2014
writting tips
by: Anonymous

just work hard and concentrate on ielts not on boy friends

Mar 13, 2015
need help
by: Anonymous8

hello!! Can someone help me to look for an ielts tutor who is willing to check my writings for free here..please coz I desperately need to get at least 7 in my writing academic module.thank you so much!

Apr 08, 2015
need some help to go from 6.5 to 7 writing
by: Anonymous


I took Ielts 3 times and got 6.5 in writing, 7.5 in speaking and 8 and over in other skills all the time.

Would anyone be able to take a look at a couple of my writing and tell me what can I do to get 7, as I need at least 7 in all skills.


Apr 14, 2015
Improve your score
by: Mark (28daysielts)

Dear "Jobs", send one essay that you have written under strict time within 40 minutes and without using the internet or dictionary (just as you would in a real exam) and I will look at it and provide you with expert feedback. My students all score high 6.5 to 8.5.

send your task 1 and task 2 essay here:


May 19, 2015
how do i improve reading and writing
by: Shoumik

i have got to get at least 7 in both reading and writing. my exam is just after 20 days..i m not getting more than 6 in both. is there any way to boost my score?

Jun 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

I got 5.5 for my IELTS writing but i need 6.00. any one can check my essays and tell me what shoud i do to improve my writing score? if any body can help please e mail me...

Jun 04, 2015
Can anyone correct my essay
by: Nazim

I want to appear for IELTS exam , but i am bit worried about my writing skill ,is there any one who can evaluate my essays. kindly help my email id is

Jun 05, 2015
writing problem
by: Anonymous


Please guide me, how i can improve my writing skill within one month. kindly give me some way to ruin this huge problem.

Jun 05, 2015
increase your score
by: 28DaysIELTS

Work on your sentences (not the whole essay) Structure and clear ideas are worth more than fancy words and complex knowledge. Its an English exam not a test of your I.Q.


Jul 03, 2015
IELTS score of above 7
by: Anonymous


I have written 4 time IELTS but could not reach above 6.5 in writing and speaking. I went for PTE exam, but could get desired score in Speaking module.

Could anyone guide me for writing and speaking module, in particular writing. Also please let me know if anyone can evaluate my essays. I am not sure where I am lacking for 0.5 points.


Jul 31, 2015
essay intro and concl.
by: Anonymous

how can we make our intro. and conclusion more impressive

Aug 02, 2015
essay intro and concl.
by: IELTS buddy

I'm not really sure what you mean by more impressive.

There are basic things that an introduction and conclusion should do. You can check out those things here:

IELTS Essay Introduction

IELTS Essay Conclusion

Of course if it does those things AND is also coherent with accurate grammar and vocabulary, it is going to be better.

Sep 11, 2015
band 7 in writing
by: Vineedh

Band 7 in writing purely depends on how well you merge your vocabulary and lexical resources. Write to the topic and do not deviate.

You need to spend some time to think what you are about to write and scribble a pattern on the question paper before you begin. This will make the difference between a 6 and 7.

I gave my first ever IELTS on 29th August and my results were out this morning. I got:

L 8.5
R 8
S 7
W 7

Oct 01, 2015
Focus on the 4 score criteria to improve writing
by: 28DaysIELTS

Dear Mr Jobs,

From experience with tutoring my students, I can say beyond a doubt that if you focus on the 4 scoring criteria of the IELTS writing band descriptors, you will improve your score.

Its quite common for most students to ignore what the writing exam expects of them. For example, simply throwing lots of vocabulary at an essay won't improve your score, in fact it could reduce it due to use of inappropriate words and spelling mistakes.

If you send me one essay, i will provide you with feedback for all 4 criteria. This way you can see where you weak areas are and improve.

spend 40 minutes without a dictionary or spell checking program like MS-word. Treat it like an exam.

I await your essay.


Oct 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have given exam 3 times with following results:

1) L 9, R 7, S 6.5, W 6 ( OVERALL 7.5)
2) L 9, R 8.5, S 7, W 6 ( OVERALL 7.5)
3) L 7, R 8, S 7, W 6.5 ( OVERALL 7)

I need 7 in all individual areas and at least 7.5 overall. Just feeling frustrated and shattered. My dreams of foreign fellowship are being quashed by darn 0.5 bands.

It was a sin to be born in India and bigger sin was to be born a general caste, who don`t get reservations in government jobs.

How can be subjectivity and importance of handwriting be taken out of ielts scores. I know my english is great. I`m an introvert, not able to express myself properly ( still i manage 7 in speaking).

The problem lies with poor handwriting i guess ; the reason for which i`m being persecuted by sadist IELTS examiners, who of course would be having no idea what that stupid 0.5 band means to me.

Oct 23, 2015
Free ielts essay check
by: Anonymous

Hi Mark from 28 days of ielts,

Is it possible for me to email you an essay to have you check it for free? Ive taken ielts twice and scored 6.5 for writing but i managed to get above 7.5 for other components.

Dec 28, 2015
by: wadha07albadi




Jan 01, 2016
Improve writing by .5
by: 28daysielts

It means your vocabulary is likely NOT the issue so look at the other three remaining score criteria to improve your score by another .5: task response, grammar range, cohesion and coherence. Look at these three criteria at the sentence level.

Jan 15, 2016
ielts writing
by: Anonymous

hi mark,

I have given my ielts exam for the first time and my writing scores were 5.5 and I need to retake my exam within another one and a half a months.

I have a great doubt regarding my vocabulary I used an average vocabulary this time in my exam is that the issue or having knowledge regarding multiple topics and synching the ideas together is the issue for scoring more in ielts.

I saw other peoples scores wherein mine is very less when compared to others. Do I need to concentrate on vocabulary or cohesion and coherence?

And also my reading scores are not up to the mark. Its five but I have good scores are listening and speaking I need some good tips as well as guidance to improve my ielts reading as well as writing scores.

I will post essays at guide me

Mar 23, 2016
Will recorrecttion Help
by: Anonymous


I've got Listening 8.5, reading 7.5, speaking 8.0 and Writing 6.5. I need to have 7 in each band for migration. Will re-evaluation Help?.


Mar 29, 2016
writing score 5
by: sk

I scored 5 in writing and i need 7. In other module, i scored

L - 7
R - 7
S - 7

During my preparation and in mock tests, i was scoring more than 7.
can i send few my writing to Mark because i am planning to reappear in IELTS in next 2-3 months.

Apr 05, 2016
improve my writing
by: Faten

I had passed the exam for 3 times, my score in writing was 6 I need 7 what can I do?

Jun 02, 2016
Writing corrections
by: Anonymous

Someone is studying now for IELTS?

I want to get a 6 in writing and I have 5.5 this is going to be my third attempt, and I need help :$

Jul 07, 2016
don't know what to do
by: baint singh

i have much tried to get good grade at writing but never although i have good command at vocabulary yet problems are still there. Many a time it has been seen that i am unable to score best in any writing so often there is some depression to me. so i would like to seek your advice.

Jul 08, 2016
don't know what to do
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Baint,

It's clear from your message that you have some problems with your grammar which may stop you getting the score that you want.

The only real way to fix this is to practice writing and have someone check where you errors are and advise you.

So you may need classes. You could do an online writing checking service, but really face-to-face classes are best.

Jul 28, 2016
by: jobs

I started this thread long time ago,but given up trying between. Now I am trying not only for me but for my family as well. Many Of you offered me a feedback on my write-up, but I could'nt write anything. The following essays I wrote in 40 minutes.

please give a feedback



The salad days of third millennium have witnessed the transformation in student's homework. Nowadays, they are supposed to solve complex issues and produce lengthy assignments at home as part of their curriculum. So there is no surprise that why many parents are of the opinion that helping children in their homework is essential and necessary and in my view, children, especially the younger ones should be helped in doing their homework, while teenagers and college goers should be allowed to do them by their own.

On the one hand, there are tangible evidences to assert that the younger children need some help from their parents to complete their homework efficiently and effectively. Firstly, in this modern era, even primary class students have numerous subjects to study and consequently a lot of work to do at home. Most of these so called 'home work' is very often really difficult to execute. For example, in India, students at class four or five are required to write a detailed report about waste management. It seems to me that without some help from parents regarding how to dispose waste, what are harmful to human beings and or environment ,it would be extremely difficult for these students to produce a written report. therefore parental help has paramount importance in younger students' homework.

nevertheless, there are some drawbacks associated to helping offsprings in their homework as argued by many. In their opinion, such help would lead them to depend more on parents. They may not pay much attention at school thinking that parents would do their homework at home .Besides, teenagers are capable of doing their homework or any assignments given to them in school. They know how to use resources such as the internet and newspapers in order to find relevant information for their given task. Any parental involvement may results in damaging self esteem or enthusiasm of these pupils.

In conclusion, both views have their own merits and demerits so it is really important for parents to involve in their children's homework cautiously ,whereas helping younger ones have immense benefits.




The salad days of third millennium has seen a prolific increase in people who travel by air. Consequently, there has been a view that air travel increases environmental pollution. Although there are few arguments in favour of hiking the price of airline tickets in order to reduce air traffic, I am of the opinion that there are much better ways to tackle this problem.

To begin, one of the main arguments of the proponents of increase in aero plane tickets is that this may hinder people from flying very often. However, I believe this argument does not stand up to scrutiny as there are clear evidences to suggest that those consider air travel as a favourite means of transportation belong to the upper class of the society and a small hike in air tickets does not make any difference in their choice. At the same time, this might have a huge impact on students and job seekers who resort to air travel out of necessity and which is not fair.

On the other hand, there are many possible ways to reduce the number of air travelers. The most tangible alternative is that the government could improve public transportation for longer distance to encourage frequent air travelers to give up flying. For instance, in Japan, the preferred choice of transportation of people is bullet trains that travel at the speed 350 to 400 kilo meters per hour and the Japanese barely travel by air. In addition to that, these trains run on cleaner energy such as nuclear and therefore do not pollute our air.

To conclude, while some people strongly argue that an increase in the price of flight tickets could result in decreased air traffic, I am unconvinced of the effect of such strategy as it seems to me that there are much better ways to do so.

Pleas help me to identify grammar mistakes and wrong choice of words in this essay and if possible, give me a band. Please tell me that whether I answered the question effectively. Any suggestions is highly appreciated.
thanks in advance

Aug 07, 2016
how to improve
by: Anonymous

hi i am applying for ielts without any preparation i am getting score overall 5 score in ielts so i want to know how i can improve my overall score module wise

Aug 18, 2016
can l improve my speaking and writing by use simple words
by: Anonymous

Hi, my memorised words are very simple. Can I get high score by using them?

Aug 22, 2016
by: Anonymous L

Can anyone please explain me details.. specifically on what they are looking in writting? I have given Ielts three times already! I have managed to score band 8 in all L,R,S but i always endup with 6.5 on writting.

Please can someone give me a tip to get my band more by .5. That was all i needed and still need :/

Aug 23, 2016
by: IELTS buddy

Anonymous L,

The criteria for what they need is explained here:

Aug 23, 2016
Not only vocabulay
by: 28daysielts

Vocabulay is only worth 25% of your total writing score. So while your vocabulary might be very good, you are not scoring as high in the other three criteria. You need a critique of your essays to provide feedback of your weaker areas in those other criteria, vocabulary alone won't get you the score your need. Mark

Dec 04, 2016
Band for the above posted essay
by: Anonymous

I would be curious to know the revaluation for the above posted essay

Jan 13, 2017
need help
by: kathuria

Even I am having a same problem in writing and speaking both what to do either writing without any mistake getting 6.5 again and again thank you.

Jan 14, 2017
need help
by: IELTS buddy

What you wrote was actually quite confusing to read, which I am sure is why you are not getting the score you need. I'd recommend looking into getting some tutoring in order to find ways to improve your writing.

Feb 11, 2017
Writing 7.5
by: Anonymous

I scored 8.0 bands overall.

L 8
W 7.5
R 7.5
S 9

This was my second time taking IELTS. My writing score jumped from 6.5 to 7.5. According to me, a well organized essay is all that matters for a good score. You need to write an essay which is complex and easy to read. Your thoughts should be in line not scattered all over.

If anybody needs their work checked for mistakes, and needs my opinion how it can be improved. Please feel free to send me copy of your work at I would be happy to help.

Mar 02, 2017
Issues with the Writing module
by: Aloysius Vijay


I have taken the test two times so far and my scores for Listening Reading Speaking and Writing are as below:

8.5, 8.5, 7, 6.5

8, 8, 7.5, 6.5

I need a 7 for my PR application. Really frustrated with whats happening as I had really prepared from a Tool that I had used for the paraphrasing but I am pretty sure I am going wrong somewhere.

I am applying for reevaluating my results as well.
Has it worked for anyone in this forum?

Would be really appreciative if someone can help me here.


Mar 10, 2017
need help
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone.

I have given ielts thrice and never get my required band score.

I got in listening all time 6 band.
Speaking twice 7 and in last 6.5.
Reading 6.5, 6.5 and 7.
Writing 6.5 all three times.

I need overall 7.5 and no less then 7 in each 4 module...

Please guide me as my life is stuck at this point and i can not go further without ielts...

Apr 27, 2017
Thanks ielts buddy
by: Jobs

Hai everyone,

I started this thread a long time ago and I would like to share all of you a great news that I scored 7.5 in writing.

Of course I attended training and have written more than 70 essays and task 1. It wasn't easy but as time went on I found out one important thing that it is really important to have clarity in your essay.

No matter what you write, you should try to make it clear as much as possible.

Anyway thanks that's my advice for those who struck in writing.




Note - thanks ielts buddy because your model essays helped me immensely to write good sentence structures and topic related vocabulary.

Apr 27, 2017
Thanks ielts buddy
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Jobs,

Glad to hear you got the score you wanted and the IELTS buddy website helped you achieve it.

Good luck with the speaking remark. Let us know if your score changes.

May 29, 2017
Reading and writing help
by: Manjusha Singh British council certified trainer for IELTS

Writing has been the most problematic area. It's actually getting tougher to score 6-7 in AC and GT writing but I have done research in writing and I have come to some points about scoring.

Same is the case with reading where you have to focus on saving time as well as doing correct answers hence I have some strategies for reading too. For different questions their should be different approaches

May 29, 2017
Positive revaluation result
by: Jobs

Hi Friends and ielts buddy, My revaluation result has come a week ago.

Speaking band has risen from 6.5 to 7, but meanwhile I have taken IELTS again and scored 7 in all modules.

All in all evening went well. I would like to thank this amazing forum for all the help and a small tip for all frustrated and tired IELTS candidates: never give up and keep on the hard work.

All the best

May 31, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hi guys,

I sat for IELTS exam 4 times, I need L-8, R-7, W-7 and speaking 7.

Listening and reading I got 7.5 & 7 in all the attempts. But for writing and speaking always 6.5. I am running short of time as well.

How I will raise my points by .5...Anybody please give me advice.


Jun 21, 2017
IELTS GT -: 8+ in all 3 modules and 6.5 in writing - why?
by: Mega

I have given IETLS 4 times and taken a training class at IDP with a ielts trainer also which is a waste of time and money.

Every time i get 8 to 9 bands in all three modules and writing always 6.5 doesn't matter how much i try.

I referred all the websites in the world and IETLS cambridge book from version 1 to 11. In fact i prepared for listening, reading and speaking only for 1 time when i take the exam for first time. After that i never prepared for those modules as i spend most of the time on writing.

One of the ielts trainer was shocked after seeing my score in other modules and she said if you can able to get 8.5 and 9 in other 3 modules, you should get 7+ in writing but i am not sure why it is happening. She checked my letter/essay writing skills and scored 7+.

Anyone can explain me why this is happening? ietls is doing this for business because i really do not know what is the problem. some people said i have issues with Article. Though i am not expert in grammer/vocab but still my writing is not worst and i should be getting 7.

Please help.

Aug 16, 2017
writing score 6.5
by: Sus

Hi Everyone,

I am really feeling sad as i need each section 7 band and listening 8 band but in fourth attempt of ielts test this year i just received 6.5 band in writing. I always get above 8 in L and R and above 7 in S. I practiced writing this time and took classes with native speaker teacher however its the same.

result L 8.5, R 8, S 7.5 and W 6.5. However, when i did the academic ielts few years before , i got 7 in writing even with out any practice. I am really surprised why its so difficult to get 7 in writing specially for GT as its often considered easier.

Can people with GT share their experience or give me some tips?
It would be help as I have a strong feeling to drop ielts test.

Thank You

Nov 12, 2017
IELTS writing Help
by: Mustehsan

Hi Everyone,

i just gave my IELTS two weeks before. I got the following results;
R 8, L 7.5, S 7.5, W 6

I really need help in improving my writing skills. Although, i have attended proper preparation classes and used the most followed structures of sentences like using PIPS, Linking expressions. but i am unable to score better. if there is anyone who can help me, i would be grateful.


Dec 07, 2017
@Jobs, where did you take training for Writing?
by: Prabakar

Hi Jobs,

Congrats and happy to know that you have achieved your target score in writing.

I am also in the same boat and breaking my back to get band 7 in writing module but scored 6.5 in all my previous 4 attempts.

Please share here about your training experience and trainer's quality, otherwise provide trainer's details which would save a lot of time for many like me who targets band 7 in writing.


Dec 19, 2017
How do I improve my results within 2 weeks
by: Kaushi

Please help me to improve my IELTS results, I have sit on the exam on last November but my results are L-6.5, R-5, W-5, S-6 Overall 5.5. I want to get overall 6. And is there any one help me to through my essay checking.Please.... and Reading tips to improve getting 6. please.....

May 05, 2018
essay writing
by: nila

is there anyone available to correct my essays.My exam is on 12th of may 2018.If you are ok please mail to

May 05, 2018
Getting up from 6.5-7 is simple
by: Manjusha Singh British council certified trainer for IELTS


I have trained lots of students till now and clearly understand what they miss to get 7.

1) Your response should answer all parts of question.

Example Essay topic:

In many countries the level of crime is increasing and crimes are becoming more violent. Why do you think this is and what can be done about it?

Here you have to make 2 paragraphs between introduction and conclusion to answer 2 questions ; reasons and solutions
While writing you should keep in mind that the essay is simply not asking reasons of increasing crime but that the crimes are becoming violent.

2) Follow the template of essay...all components of essay should be included.

3) Many people lose marks in cohesion that is, not sequencing paragraphs , writing anything anywhere. You should write answers of questions in sequenced paragraphs, f you plan your essay before writing it helps a lot in cohesion.

4) You should decorate your essay with idioms phrasal verbs connectors linkers and relevant vocab.

5) Maintain the range of 270-290 words

6) Proof reading at last helps a lot.

7) Task 2 should be written before task 1.

Aug 27, 2018
Writing band from 6.5 to 7
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone,
I have been stuck with writing task. My recent band score was 6.5 and I need 7. I have scored 8, 9, and 8 in other modules. I would appreciate if I can get an evaluation of my writing tasks from an expert.

Feb 24, 2019
Not able to score above 6.5 for writing
by: Anonymous

I gave ielts 5 times and each time got 6.5 for writing
Rest all above 7
I need 7 for each
Really disappointed
How to get 7 for writing
Gave 6th time awaiting results and I left out writing one key feature for Task 1
I’m not sure how badly it wil affect my band score

Jun 14, 2019
Writing 6.5
by: Anonymous

I have given three attempts and have consequetively scored 6.5 in writing. My mentor's are in shock, because I scored 9 in listening 8.5 writing 7.5 speaking. I have taken multiple classes and I really don't know what should I do about it now.

If someone can guide me, I will be really grateful to them.

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