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Why you should buy IELTS buddy's eBooks to get band 7

by Alinur

Hi everyone!

I am writing to share with you all my story with IELTS so that
you may find some motivation to continue.

Like many of you I struggled to get a band 7 in writing. I scored 8+ in all the other modules in the first 3 attempts.

I was stuck with 6 in writing in the first 2 attempts, and then 6.5 in the third. I credit my improvement in writing to the writing task 2 book by Ieltsbuddy. I later found out that I may have lost marks by not preparing adequately enough for the task 1 as well. So, I bought the task 1 book as well before my final attempt (4th).

I read through both books and wrote about 20 essays, aiming for 1 essay a day. All of the practice topics are from this website. To gain some insight on where I stand, I found an online tutor who checks essays and submitted 2 task 1 essays and 1 task 2 essay having practised enough. I got a prompt feedback of 8 in each of the essays. I was encouraged but remained slightly skeptical.

I finally sat for my fourth IELTS test, this time well prepared thanks to the books and practice. I was extremely nervous the days leading up to the results, hoping I can cross into the magic 7.

Then, voila!

L 9
R 8.5
W 8
S 8

It felt wonderful. Thank you Ieltsbuddy for the incredible books.

My advice to you good people? BUY THE BOOKS. they will save you time and money for sure, and write those essays, at least 30 of them.

I wish you all the best, and yes, you too can do it!

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Mar 04, 2020
which ielts???
by: saba

u gave general ielts or academic??

Sep 12, 2020
by: Alinur

It was the IELTS Academic that I did.

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