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Solving Industrial Pollution Essay

by gagandeep

Hi I have given IELTS in Nov 2017.
Now I'm giving it again on 24 March due to 6.5 in writing. Can anybody here recheck my essay. I have tried improving it a lot from last time. Pls comment.

Many people say that applying heavy taxes to industries will prevent industrial pollution. Others believe that there are other effective solutions to curb the industrial pollution.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is often said that levying huge amount of taxes on factories may help in reducing the pollution they cause. According to me, it is not an effective solution, instead there are a number of other measures that can be undertaken by the government to reduce industrial emissions in air and water.

Industries manufacture goods vital for our society. If high duty is applied on them, they will further transfer it to the price of the product; without making much change to their pollution levels. Hence, consumers ought to suffer in this case. Moreover, instead of becoming more environment friendly, they can sometimes focus on ways to save taxes. Therefore our purpose does not get solved here.

Definitely, there are other effective methods to reduce the water and air pollution caused by them. Firstly, government should lay proper guidelines and set limit for industrial emissions. Industries which do not follow these rules should be fined heavily. Secondly, it should be made mandatory for them to compensate the pollution they create with other environmental friendly activities. For instance, they have to plant a fixed number of trees every day, also they have to undertake the river cleaning process with government, as a part of their social responsibility.

Conclusively, even though applying high duties on industries may help in reducing their emissions to some extent, I believe there are other more feasible ways to curb pollution created by them. These measures, when undertaken with active participation of government and industries collectively, will essentially prevent pollution, thus shaping the future of environmental friendly industrial production.

Comments for Solving Industrial Pollution Essay

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Mar 08, 2018
by: Anonymous

HI, In second paragraph you should explain the positive sides of imposing heavy taxes.

Mar 09, 2018
by: Anonymous

You mean I should exchange the position of second and third paragraphs?

Aug 03, 2018
Final paragraph
by: Greg

"conclusively" means something provides certain, highly-convincing proof. It might be better to say ïn conclusion".

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