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IELTS Essay: English as a Global Language

by Leo Bonart

Evaluate my writing task for academic ielts, pls

Academic IELTS writing task 1
The tables reveal the amount of exchange students from colleges in Europe to Australia in 2007 and 2009.

Overall, it's obvious, that students from Europe came to Australia universities more than from Australians to Europe for both 2007 and 2009. Moreover, the amount of student entering the Australia universities grew significantly over 2 years.

As it can be seen from the first table, exchange students from France almost remained the same over past 2 years. In the meanwhile, the number of Swedish students increased nearly by 25%. There was a slight fall in number of UK pupils by 5 people. However, there was a crucial growth in visiting Australian universities by Germany students, the figures more than doubled. And the amount of Netherlands student remained stable. With regard to exchange student from Australia to Europe, students who came in France nearly doubled. In turn, around 20% of students weren't tend to visit Swedish. after 2007 as well as 30% of students who entered in UK. Although, the figures of learners striving to come Germany grew by 6 pupils. On the contrary, students entering in Netherlands almost halved.
Academic IELTS writing task 2
Over the past few decades the popularity of English language has increased crucially. Almost in each country a lion share of people in companies use it as international language. Despite all of that, there are a number of unpalatable occasion when you can't understand what man says because of accents or something else. Hence, there is a question prompted whether we should find another way of communication instead of putting forward English as a global language or it's still better than anything else?

On the one hand, when you speak English fluently, you don't have troubles with communication anywhere. Hence, when you find job abroad or in international company, it's easier for you to cope with tasks and find better solutions. Moreover, it's significant for governments to talk and contribute each other. And there is no way to do it, except for communicating in English, using translator.

For instance, my brother has been working for international company in Germany more than 3 years. And any their communication is in English, rather than German. Each report and documentation must be implemented in English. It shows the current high evaluation of the language

On the other hand, not everyone can learn English or they can, however, they may have a strong accent, so everyone won't understand anything. Hence, if someone won't understand another man it can lead to terrible circumstances. For example, I have known a man who is from India and he has really unclear English with strong accent. He got job in international company, but his communication was poor. Therefore, once he accidentally signed reports that made company lose some money.

In conclusion, despite all arguments above, I believe that benefits of English as a global language still outweigh its disadvantages. May be some people can't speak English fluently, but I suppose that technologies are going to enhance the English within international companies and solve most of troubles, related to language. Subsequently, its usage won't be reduced, instead, it'll be more convenient and advanced.

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