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IELTS Essay: Purpose of Shopping Malls

by Cang Do Trung

In the future, the main reason for going to the shopping mall will be for entertainment, not to shop.

Do you agree or disagree?

The tendency of going to the shopping malls for entertainment has been increasing over the past few years and it is predicted that in the future, entertainment will be the main reason why visitors spend their time there. Personally, I totally agree with this opinion and in this essay, I will explain why this trend will continue to happen.

Firstly, in a fast-changing world, the owners of various shopping malls seem to understand the drastic competition among them, so they have decided to develop a variety of creative and innovative recreation facilities to offer a wide range of services to the customers as well as to increase the profit margin in their business. This happens due to the fact that, nowadays, there are a lot of entertainment facilities being available.

Secondly, online shopping is in vogue and, as a result, this forces the leaders of shopping malls to develop many kinds of entertainment facilities so that they can remain an attraction and retain customers. Finally, the shift in customers’ behaviors which is considering going shopping as a way to release their stress makes other entertaining activities like watching movies, playing video games, and reading books more acceptable in such places.

Of course, some shopping malls which are well-known as shopping paradises would remain their main function. However, it is surely that these shopping malls should consider the entertainment aspects as, generally, having a wider service is beneficial at all.

Overall, it appears to me that the prediction is obviously happening in various shopping malls, with the advantages that recreation facilities bring to them.

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