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Browse our IELTS for Immigration Forum if you have some questions about how to use your IELTS score to work abroad.

If you are interested in a specific employer then you should contact that company to check their requirements, or if you are interested in a specific country then you should check with that country's immigration service.

But post here about any other questions or if you have comments.

Remember to look through the posts first as someone may have already asked the question that you have.

There is a thread about Canada but you can find more information here if this is the country you are planning to work, live, or study in:

Canada IELTS

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Good news for those people wishing to work as a nurse or midwife in the UK. It was announced on the 28 November 2018 that there would be changes to …

IELTS for Immigration to UK 
Hi there, I recently sat the IELTS exam and i achieved an overall band 8 for the second time. My scores were 8.0, 7.0, 8.5, 8.5 in my latest exam and …

IELTS Academic or General Training for Immigration? 
Hi guys, I am an mba graduate (marketing) with a work experience of 5 years and currently looking for an opportunity to migrate to australia or canada. …

How easy is it for a native speaker to get an IELTS band 8? 
Hey, everyone! I'm applying for the Subclass 189 visa soon and since I'm pretty short on work experience (fresh-ish graduate), I'm going to need a score …

IELTS for Immigration to Canada 
Learn more about IELTS and Immigration Requirements for Canada What IELTS score do I need to migrate to Canada?

IELTS for Immigration to Australia 
I have planned for Immigration to Australia, recently I took IELTS test and my score was L\R\W\S 6\5\6\6.5 but I need a band 7 in each. Is there …

Any nurses studying for IELTS band 7? 
Hi everyone are there nurses here seeking to get at least 7 in each section of the academic module? please I need buddies so we can support each other …

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