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IELTS Listening Practice Test: Section 3

This is an IELTS Listening Practice Test for Section 3 of the module.  

Practice Test Four



Questions 21 - 24

Complete the notes below

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Box Telecom

Problems: been affected by

  • drop in 21. 
  • growing 22. 
  • delays due to a strike

Causes of problems:

  • high 23. 
  • lack of good 24. 

Questions 25 - 27

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.

25. What does Karin think the company will do?

A look for private investors
B accept a takeover offer
C issue some new shares

26. How does the tutor suggest the company can recover?

A by appointing a new managing director
B by changing the way it is organised
C by closing some of its retail outlets

27. The tutor wants Jason and Karin to produce a report which

A offers a solution to Box Telecom's problems
B analyses the UK market
C compares different companies

Questions 28 - 30

Which opinion does each person express about Box Telecom?

  1. its workers are motivated
  2. it has too little investment
  3. it will overcome its problems
  4. its marketing plan needs improvement
  5. is is old-fashioned
  6. it has strong marketing managers 

28. Karin       

29. Jason       

30. the tutor 

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