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IELTS Task 2:
The Influence of News Media

by kathy

The popularity of news media often has significant influence on people’s lives. Some people believe this to be a negative development.

Do you agree or disagree?

It is true that our lives have changed significantly due to popularity of news media. However, I do not agree with the idea that the development of news media is negative.

To begin with, modern media sources have made great inroads in the spreading of knowledge. For example, the Internet allowed (and continues to allow) the world to witness the uprisings of the Arab Spring. Had these images not been made available to a scrutinizing global audience, it is possible the entire phenomenon could have cost many more lives than it did. As this example shows, modern news media allows the human family to keep watch of each other and provide aid if it is needed.

In addition to this, news media sources have developed simplicity and accountability the world over, which has done a lot to tackle corruption. Take the tragic high-speed train crash in China as an example. Despite trying to quickly bury the carriages involved, the Chinese government was forced to admit that serious corruption problems had plagued the project from the beginning. The healthy dialogues that the media coverage of this unfortunate event sparked will hopefully continue to encourage integrity within the Chinese government. It is for reasons such as this that news media should be thought of as a positive entity in the world.

In conclusion, it seems to me that news media have a positive phenomena and it is hoped that free press will continue to grow with the help of technology and modern tools.


IELTS buddy

This is an excellent essay with barely a grammatical mistake in it though it would have benefitted from looking at the negative side as well.

But I did an internet search and I have found the same essay (although with a different introduction and conclusion) posted to another website in 2011??

Comments for IELTS Task 2:
The Influence of News Media

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Apr 16, 2016
i got this question in my todays exam

Hi fnds. Today April 16 2016 i wrote this question in my ielts. i.e news media influence the people in a negative developed way

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Apr 16, 2016
today exam topic it was
by: Joginder India

I also got this topic in my today exam 16 April 2016, and it was tough to understand in first that what is saying in this question.

Apr 16, 2016
by: Abdullah

The similar statement I got today 16/04/2016

May 24, 2016
Topic repeats :)
by: Anonymous

It reveals that the writing task 2 topic repeats :)

Jun 01, 2016
need correction - The Influence of News Media

Would anyone mind to correct my essay please. Always I get 6.5 for writing. Don't know where I have problems with.

The world of media has grown to an extent where news is available to the man at his finger tips through various modes such as news papers, television channels and the internet. There are people who think these media affect people adversely. But I strongly disagree to that.

Certainly, these kinds of media have a great role in human safety. Today man has a wide exposure to the mishaps around the world through newspapers and channels. Thus he will be informed of all the corruptions taking place around him. For instance, updates on terrorist plans and attacks by the diffence agencies help the society and its people to take proper measures to ensure their safety. Therefore these media have a great influence on people's safety, which is obviously a benefit to the mankind.

Besides news media act as a mediator among people that bring their attention into incidents happen in the different parts of the world. This help the people around the world to get informed of the needs of his fellow beings and to render help for them. News about natural calamities, draught and flood and starvation can be brought to the open world in order to gain the man's attention. Hence, he can offer his helping hands to those needy people. Thus the world of news helps the people in a positive way.

However, those who believe on the negative aspects of media may argue that there is a chance of spreading false and truth less information to the public. But, in this world of competition, the field of news is also not an exception and the various news papers and channels always try to provide reliable news to a maximum possible level.

To conclude, for many of the benefits that news media serve to the people, it is always a good development rather than negative. The only thing that the media should keep in mind is to be trustworthy to their followers.

Jun 02, 2016
good luck
by: Anonymous

Firstly you have made many small grammatical errors, commas need to be used in many places.

Although its a good essay, to improve on some aspects, try not to use first person (he/she/i) also the words used could be more academic, good luck man.

If i had time i would correct your essay, but exams are coming.

Jun 02, 2016
Thanks giving

Thank You so much and good luck for your exam.

Jun 16, 2016
by: Hatem

I can see that you ideas are not clear and also your essay missed a lot of support, however your vocabulary is high

Aug 17, 2016
No useful information
by: Anonymous

According to me, I prefer the essays that have lots of mistakes. It only contributes me in this way.

Nov 10, 2016
Some corrections
by: Anonymous

Hello DIVYA,

Here are some corrections from your essay.

1. spelling of 'diffence' - it should be 'defense'
2. add 's' to the word 'help'
3. spelling of 'draught' should be 'drought'
4. add comma after the word 'channel'
5. no space between 'news' and 'paper', 'finger' and 'tips' - it should be 'newspaper' and 'fingertips'

Jan 07, 2017
same exam
by: Anonymous

I just got this same exam topic today--January 7, 2017

Dec 02, 2018
by: Anonymous

It is exactly like mine in 1dec 2018

Dec 03, 2018
by: Anonymous

I have the same topic 10DEC 2018

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