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IELTS Essay - Improving Living Standards

by Marosa

Improving Living Standards Essays

Improving Living Standards Essays

Could you please comment on the essay below? Thanks in advance!

Many countries aim to improve their living standard by economic development, but some important social values are lost as a result.

Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?

It is argued that in course of economic growth some essential social values get damaged, despite an increase in quality of life. Since the beginning of human history people have adopted a goal to have a wealthier and happier life. However, these two do not always come together and sometimes they even contradict each other. In the next two paragraphs of this essay I shall discuss pros and cons of economic development from perspective of social values.

Benefits of economic progress are undeniable for many reasons. Firstly, common welfare is one of the indicators of humans' satisfaction. From my own observations, I can tell that people are happier and more proactive during times of economic prosperity, compared to the period of the financial crisis, such as the Global Crisis of 2008. Secondly, there is a direct link between poverty rates and frequency of law breaches. For example, as per official statistics of New York Police, Bronx has been recognized to be both one of the poorest and the most criminal counties of the city.

From the other hand, while chasing material benefits people often forget about social and humanistic values. In other words, the more emphasize people make on earning money, the less attention they pay to social aspects of life. It is a usual practice for those living in urban areas to gradually replace human interaction with more and more hours spent at work. As a result, they become antisocial and serve a poor example to the younger generation, forming an ever-evolving cycle. Various studies have shown that people, who live in metropolitan areas are more depressed, than those living in smaller towns.

To conclude, every issue has more than one sides and this matter is not an exception either. However, after consideration of both advantages and disadvantages of the influence that economic development has on the social part of our lives, I can state that in my opinion the benefits overweigh drawbacks.

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Oct 09, 2018
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Feb 18, 2019
Essay comments
by: Anonymous

It is pretty simple and concise. But, check your linking devices such as "From the other hand". It would have been better like " On the other hand".
The grammar was okay expect few articles mistakes.
But in all it is a good essay.

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Improving Quality of Life Essay

by Hella Rohan
(Abu Dhabi )

Could someone please help me find out the band of this writing essay?

People living in the twenty-first century generally have a better quality of life than people who lived in previous centuries.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

As we have already stepped into the 21st century, it is inevitably true that enormous changes like advances in technology, heath care, and transportation will bring enormous improvement in the quality of life of people compared to the older centuries. This essay will highlight some of the quality of life improvements in the medical and transportation field in the modern era.

Development in the medical field has made the biggest impact on the lives of people in the modern era. To start with, diagnosis of severe diseases is straightforward as a consequence of advanced technological apparatuses and innovative devices. Secondly, finding a cure to a deadly flu or virus is less complicated in the twenty-first century, this is due to the constant research done by the scientists and having a flexible means of communication between the researchers of different countries. Lastly, the percentage of the people dying to medical illness has significantly reduced over the decades, due to the advances made in the medical field, hence improving the quality of life for people.

Another visible quality of life improvement has been done in the transportation field through technological advancements. In the modern era, millions of people are travelling daily from one continent to the other in matter of hours. Travelling is faster, more reliable and cheaper today compared to a decade ago. Additionally, the advancements in transportation has enabled people of all over the world to experience diversity and different cultures improving and enhancing their quality of life.

In conclusion, humans in the modern era experience a richer quality of life then the people who walked the earth in previous centuries. Through the vigorous experiments and knowledge left behind by our ancestors, there have been constant development in every field to make life easier and more pleasant for everyone.

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Mar 30, 2018
dr ola
by: Anonymous

ur ideas were well expressed and paragraphs were fairly structured,but u wrote in details about an aspect while completely neglecting the other

Sep 13, 2019
Comments on improving quality of life essay
by: Anonymous

Have a second look at your grammar, specially use of prepositions and conjunction. Plus make use of some complex vocabulary

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Hunger in the World

by Saqib

In spite of advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry.

Why is this the case?

What can be done about the problem?

With the advancement of technology in agriculture sector, it is becoming quite easy to grow crops and to achieve maximum yield. The advancement in genetically engineered seeds is out in the market to achieve more yield per acre as compared to the past. In this essay, we will discuss that why poor people are still hungry and what measures can be taken to resolve this global problem?

First of all, the advancement in different vehicles / machinery pertaining to agriculture sector has facilitated a lot in different phases of crop production. Now, a farmer can get benefits from tractors to fertile the land for sowing seeds. When the crop is growing, a tractor equipped with various spraying elements to spray the fertilizers and other sprays to prevent crops from insects. Finally, a harvester is used to harvest the crop on a large scale to save time. There is also a lot of advancement in the field of fertilizers and genetically developed seeds. Seeds are genetically engineered to produce more yield per acre than normal. Moreover, the availability of major resource i.e. water is becoming quite common these days and farmers are taking full advantage of water supply all the time.

But, despite all these advancements in agriculture sector there are some other factors which make it difficult for the poor people in the society to buy fruits, vegetables or wheat grains etc. In Pakistan, one of the major factors is the price which is increasing day by day regardless of the ease in crop production. Another reason to this price escalation is the export of best fruits, vegetables and grains to other countries leaving behind the low-quality commodities in the market. Even though Pakistan is an agricultural country but the export of these fruits, vegetables and grains increases the demand in the local market which in turn increases the prices and make it difficult for the poor people to buy mangoes, apples, dry fruits, vegetables and grains. Apart from this, artificial price hike is also created by storing a large proportion of fruits and vegetables in cold stores in order to increase demand in the market.

Now, in order to resolve this problem in a country like Pakistan, the best way is to control the export by first getting statistics about the demand in our country. The controlled export of these products will maintain a balance between demand and supply in the country and poor people will be able to purchase these products. Secondly, the government should take notice of those merchants who store fruits and vegetables in cold stores to create artificial price hike. Finally, the government in Pakistan should give special incentives to the farmers as a token of encouragement. In this way, we can better control the prices and such basic food items will be in the reach of poor people in the society.

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People Living Longer

by Binod

People nowadays live longer than they used to.

What caused this situation?

Is it a negative or positive development?

Time is running and we are keeping our pace so as to chase it but in doing so our style of living life has also been changing from traditional and conventional to modern sophisticated luxurious form. As a result, we are consuming healthier balanced diet and using less physical force in performing jobs which is soaring our life expectancy a bit longer than we used to live in the past. By contrast, it is highly contentious as some are in favor of this ideas and others are antagonistic to this.

To begin with potential merits, as we are stepping on this modern era of world which is driven by advanced form of technologies and lots of other advancement everybody has strong proclivity for living life with fullest use of these development. Thus, we are avoiding muscle demanding work but intensively using machinery aides. Similarly, our way of nutrition intake has been changed to proper form and in scheduled way. From dusk to dawn we are so prudent and wise in assimilating balanced diet, keeping body fit by visiting gymnasium, saving loss of calories and time by using automobiles for transportation etc. Moreover, most of people nowadays are well educated and conscious of their own health. Therefore, this is putting our life span bit longer compared to the past which I partially believe is advantageous to us.I see two fundamental reasoning in favor of this.Firstly, most of us want to live longer to taste the advancement of future world and share our expertise to upcoming generation.Secondly, all families want to live their beloved for longer time. To exemplify, this is more evident in hospital where we can always observe that the family of patient whose life is almost at end is yelling for bit longer life. To illustrate more, a early demise of veteran professional is great loss for this world as it will cost much penny to raise another individual to bring up to this professional level.

On the other hand,others in against with living longer life might argue that this is absolutely not good as it might be a problem for maintaining ecosystem to this Earth and leads to unbalanced population of flora and fauna. Furthermore,it is highly pejorative to live longer because people will have to fight for opportunities such as jobs,food and shelters as well as transportation as many octogenarian people still occupy the position which is anticipated to be filled by new comers in this Earth. Therefore,according to Charles Darwin-'Struggle for existence' will be observed which in turn result deleterious effect like kidnapping, extortion and vandalism for their survival. Besides this, weaker will always remain weaker and similarly does the richer. Moreover, increasing population will have to deforest jungle in order to build their home and for making food which will slowly put the Earth deficit in resources.Consequently, extreme scarce in trees will stop precipitation level but increase in greenhouse gases like CO2 which is very harmful in depleting ozone layer thus by bringing global increment in temperature.

To conclude, though people want to live longer its disadvantages easily outweighs advantages. Therefore, I wholeheartedly suggest it is not good idea as we have to give equal opportunities to upcoming generation and play parental role towards them and take care of our ever best natural abode-The Earth.


Please comment on my Changes in Society Essay about living longer. Thanks.

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Apr 10, 2014
Longetivity Essay
by: IELTS buddy

You have some good grammar, ideas and vocabulary in the essay.

However, the main issue I would have with this essay is the length - did you write it in 40 minutes??

Jul 11, 2015
very lengthy
by: Anonymous

Nicely written but essay was bit of over exerted sort of. Felt as if writer was going off the track sometimes. Otherwise nice effort.

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