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Living a Healthy Life Essays

by Kajal R Desai

Do we live healthy enough lives?

Do we live healthy enough lives?

In many countries people are having health problems because they choose to live a unhealthy life.

What are the reasons for this?

What can be done to solve this problem?

It is important to consider that why in today's fast paced life, people prefer to live a ruinous lifestyle. In this essay I will explore some causes associated with this and propose some solutions to tackle this issue.

First of all, the main reason which contribute to this problem is inflation rate. Therefore, people need to work over time to fulfill their basic needs which left them with less time for exercises and recreational sports. As a consequence, they fail to balance between personal and professional life. To illustrate, many time companies give double pay to employees for working in over time. So, if they work over time for more money, very less time left for their daily routine. Hence, they skip physical exercises. However, to tackle this problem, governments should pass the ordinance of fix working hours and national wage regulation. So that, people prefer to leave work place on time, and because of this, they find some leisure time for themselves.

Furthermore, in today's world, private club membership is becoming more and more expensive and there are less public space to recreate. As a result of this, people choose to avoid exercises. The reason for this is that, to cope with excessive population growth, governments mostly focus to build vertical concrete buildings rather that sports complex, parks and gardens. Hence, people get demotivated to do exercises. In contrast, if governments focus more on building recreational sports facilities or public gym, people find them cheaper options and they begin to do exercises. Therefore, to handle this situation, authorities should build more public spaces for free time activities. So that, people can stay healthy.

In conclusion, while people are having more problems in many countries around the globe because of unhealthy lifestyle, this problem is not insurmountable. In my view, this the government's responsibility to tackle this issue and they should begin by considering some of the proposed solutions above.

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Looking After Health

by Tam


It's been a long time. I noticed I wasn't good enough and I spent several weeks to enhance my writing. Please judge my latest one. Thank you sincerely.

People should look after their health for personal benefits, rather than a duty for a society.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is an ever-increasing opinion that keeping fit should be considered as a good deep for oneself, instead of a duty to society. From my perspective, although the cost of health services may be unsatisfied with some patients, the advantages of this opinion outweigh its disadvantages for the following reasons.

We can point out the indisputable fact that the health of every resident is facing a range of dangers increasingly. As consequences of the industrialization, we could see a plenty of examples such as diseases coming from pesticides in agriculture, gas emission in transportation or chemical components in junk foods. Besides, wars, crashes and sudden accidents also lead people to injuries, as the more the development we reach, the heavier the consequenses we must stand in some circumstances.

Another equally important reason could be prevailing usages of medical insurance. Take the change of thoughts in well-being over these years as an evident. In the past, the prescription charges used to be worries of most households. Residents sometimes rejected to receive check-ups, while medical centers were known as the isolated places for wealthy social class only. However, nowadays, the prospecrity of economy eliminates those anxieties by medical insurances. Citizens may easily go private to heal their aches and pains or even diabetes, cardiac problems. Being as fit as a fiddle, thus, could be a possible goal.

The long and the short of it, I am strongly in favour of the belief that keeping healthy is an action for every single individuals, due to the dangers of illnesses and the benefits
of health insurances.

Comments for Looking After Health

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Mar 07, 2018
Looking After Health Essay
by: Anonymous


1. a duty FOR
2. the cost of ... may be UNSATISFYING TO

Para 1:

1. "point out", in my opinion, is informal. You should use its synonyms: designate, appoint, etc.

2. "is facing a range of dangers increasingly" --> is facing an increasing range of dangers"

3. "wars, crashes and sudden accidents". War is quite too big for the idea you were writing here. Just say " traffic accidents" is enough.

Para 2:

1. could be THE prevailing usages
2. evidence.
3. reject + gerund.
4. prosperity


Task Achievements: 7
Coherence: 6
Vocabulary: 6-7
Grammar: 5-6

You have a huge difference between your vocabulary and grammar. Try to improve your grammar or you won't get your target band score.

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Alternative Medicine

by Hayder Ahmed
(Leeds, UK)

Currently there is a trend towards the use of alternative forms of medicine. However, at best these methods are ineffective, and at worst they may be dangerous.

To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Traditionally, people in the past used alternative medicine for a long time. Nowadays, many people are still using this medicine to treat a lot of diseases. It is agreed that alternative medicine is not useful and sometime dangerous. Analysing both invalidity of alternative medicine to treat many illnesses as well as the dangerous of drugs in this medicine will show this.

Firstly, alternative medicine does not use techniques and facilities that are important to treat a lot of illnesses as modern medicine do. For example, many diseases require surgery operations to succeed by using many technical devices such as sonar and X-Ray that help doctors to perform these operations in a best way. Therefore, alternative medicine is not the best to process many illnesses. Thus this makes it clear why alternative medicine is not effective and useless.

Secondly, drugs in alternative medicine do not tested scientifically to specify if it is dangerous or not. For instance, alternative medicine uses plants to produce drugs and these plants may be contain toxic materials or any other dangerous substances. So, when human uses these drugs that are harmful, the state of person may be worse and sometime lead to death. From this it becomes quite evident that alternative medicine may be dangerous and harmful.

In summary, alternative medicine has many drawbacks such as useless and sometime very dangerous. Thus, it is clear why the idea of using alternative medicine is helpful to treat many diseases cannot be supported. After analysing this subject, it is predicted that negative aspects of using alternative medicine much more than positive ones and the government should have full control of using alternative medicine.

(275 words)


Please comment on my Changes in Society Essay about Alternative Medicine. Thanks.

Comments for Alternative Medicine

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Mar 25, 2015
Very good essay
by: Samir

Very good essay, I should give you 5, but I am trying to keep you practicing because you never know what may occur in IELTS.

However, you have two grammatical mistakes:

>>drugs in alternative medicine do not tested

Drugs ... are not tested

>> plants may be contain toxic materials

Plants may contain....

Mar 26, 2015
Samir - Alternative Medicine Essay
by: Anonymous

Thank you Samir for your comments.

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