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Paying for University Essays

by Neeraj Mehra
(New Delhi, India)

Paying for University Essays

Paying for University Essays

Students should pay the full cost of their own university studies, rather than have free higher education provided by the state.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Education is a possession which makes a person stand tall and high. It adds to the overall physical personality of the person and makes him stand apart and outshines others who don’t possess it. Education is an eternal rock which never withers, not even during the wild waves of evil. It is only education which makes people bow in front of the educated and is one of the moral fabrics of any country which binds the whole society into one nation.

It is due to this high pedestal which the education occupies that higher education must be provided by the State, albeit to those subjects of the state who are economically weak.

There are, however, two schools of thought. One school of thought is of the view that the cost of higher studies should be borne by the students themselves. However, in such a scenario, all those meritorious students who are unable to continue their education for want of money (read economic resources) would be left with no option but to get themselves tagged as ‘drop outs’ by the society, due to no fault of theirs. ‘No student should be left deprived of education’ must be one of the objectives (read fundamental duty) of every Nation/State.

On the other hand, a student who thrives for education must be whole heartedly supported by the Nation/State. No stone must be left unturned to make available the most precious of the stones, i.e the education, to the student, moresover due to paucity of monetary resources (read funds). It is so because education is something which is more dearer than the fine opals, more precious than emeralds!

There’ve been quite a lot instances in the recent past, and even now, wherein the entire cost of higher studies of a student is sponsored by the State. The recent example which supports this is the educational sponsorship which was provided by the state government of ABC (a country) to the son of a widower who earns her livelihood by cleaning utensils at a road side restaurant.

It can thus be candidly concluded that education does elevate the horizon and encourages the mankind to labour at present for accruing enjoyment at a later stage in life. Consequently, the state must take responsibility, to a certain extent and for a certain set of individuals based on economic criteria to provide them with free higher education opportunities. This, in return, would only help the State/Nation to become independent and economically stable.


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Studying Relevant Subjects at University

by Maxie

Modern societies need specialists in certain fields, but not in others. Some people therefore think that governments should pay university fees for students who study subjects that are needed by society. Those who choose to study less relevant subjects should not receive government funding.

Would the advantages of such an educational policy outweigh the disadvantages?

An education policy that states, the government will pay the tuition of pupils who will become specialists in a certain field and not pay the tuition of pupils that study less relevant subjects can be damaging to society. I will outline why in this essay.

The advantages of government funding for studying certain fields of study is certainly a great opportunity for some students. Especially those families who would otherwise not have been able to pay for their children to study. These students will be able to concentrate on their studies and not have to worry about the payments every semester. This will also allow people to become a specialist in the fields we need in modern society because the expense will not be a problem for them. Although this is great there are some disadvantages to this amazing opportunity.

The downfall to this policy will be that these fields of study will become more popular and therefore have a lot of students applying to them. If that does happen then in a few years’ time the job opportunities for these students will become less because of the amount of people with the same qualifications. Furthermore, people need to study what will make them happy. If only certain fields of study are paid for by the government, students that are not able to pay the fees for what they want to study may study something that they do not like because of the financial implications.

To conclude, it is evident that the advantages of funding by the government are great and can create amazing opportunities but, if it is for only certain fields of study there will be complications that arise and therefore does not outweigh the disadvantages.

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