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Phrasal Verb Activities

Here you'll find more phrasal verb activities for words that you can potentially use in your speaking for IELTS.

Firstly, take a look at the sentences below - the phrasal verbs are highlighted.

Do you know what they all mean?

  1. My friend was so sick after the accident I thought she would not survive, but she pulled through.

  2. I’m usually worn out by the end of the week because I’m studying for IELTS and working as well.

  3. My wife and I split up after I moved abroad because we were so far apart. It didn't work out.

  4. Greece is considering pulling out of the Euro in order to avoid collapse.

  5. I’m not sure what I will end up doing with my life. I can’t decide on a career path.

  6. I’m going to carry on studying IELTS till I get the score I need – I’m not giving up!

  7. I need to work out whether I can afford to study abroad.

  8. I’m disagreeing with my partner over the business but I’m sure we’ll sort it out.

  9. Personally, I think we should do away with school uniforms. Students should wear what they like.

  10. The effects of the drug still haven’t worn off – I feel very drowsy.


Now you can test yourself in the phrasal verb quiz below.

Phrasal Verb Activities - Quiz Four

Drag and drop the box on the right underneath the box on the left that you think means the same thing.

If it is wrong, it will show up in red. You will then need to drag it back and try again (this quiz may not work on mobile devices)

Pull through
Wear out
Split up
Pull out of
End up
Carry on
Work out
Sort out
Do away with
Wear off
near death recovery
exhaust / tire
end of a relationship
stop being a part of
become eventually
find a solution
terminate or end


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