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Phrasal Verb Exercises

On these pages you will find more phrasal verb exercises to help you improve your vocabulary range for the IELTS test.

You are presented with 10 phrasal verbs and their definitions.

Following this are some sample IELTS questions with answersusing the verbs so you can seen them in use. Then there is a quiz to practice the words and test yourself.

Remember they are verbs and so they can take a tense, so they need careful practice to be able to use them properly.

Word Set 2

Phrasal Verb


hand (something) in Submit
get away with (something) Do something without being noticed or punished
keep up with Continue at the same rate
end up To become eventually; turn out to be
fall behind To fail to keep up a pace; lag behind.
drop out Quit a class, school, university etc
look back on Think about something that happened in the past
put forward Suggest or state the case for something
catch up with Reach the same level
pull out of To stop being a part of something

Phrasal Verb Exercises - Examples in Context

Were you a good student when you were at school?

I’m afraid I wasn’t if I’m honest. Often I didn’t hand in my homework, and I always felt I could get away with it because my teacher wasn’t strict. But because of this I couldn’t keep up with the course work and I ended up falling behind.  Eventually I had to drop out of the school.

So no, I wasn’t really a good student.  When I look back on my childhood, I wish I’d done things differently really as it meant I had to work harder to achieve things later on in life.

Do you think the growth in multinational corporations is a positive development?

I’m not sure it is such a good thing. Many people put forward arguments in favour it, claiming it has helped developing countries by creating jobs for local people as many of these companies have moved their manufacturing abroad. They then claim that the economic development in these countries will catch up with developed countries.

However, there is no real evidence that this is the case as most the profit flows back to the companies, not the people, and as soon as it becomes cheaper to manufacture in a different country, the companies will pull out of the country they are in and move to the more profitable one. So I don’t think there is any real long-term benefit.

Test Yourself

How well do you know the 10 words?

In this phrasal verb exercise, you have three choices to fill the gap. Choose the right word or the right word form if it is the same word.

Phrasal Verb Exercises - Quiz

1. The bus took so long to arrive that we taking a taxi instead.

2. the events of yesterday, I realize what a great day it was and what fun everyone had.

3. If he works hard, he should the other students in the class. He is not too far behind them.

4. She decided to the weight lifting competition because she sprained her wrist.

5. The Prime Minister a new plan to reduce the budget deficit.

6. She of university in the second year because it was too stressful.

7. He didn't his assignment on time so he failed.

8. He is struggling to his rental payments on his flat. He is currently unemployed.

9. He thought he would stealing money from his company, but they eventually found out and dismissed him.

10. The builders have schedule, and they may not complete the renovations on time.

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