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Phrasal Verb Get

On this page you will find out more about the phrasal verb get.

This will help you improve your vocabulary range for the IELTS test.

In word set 1 and 2 we already saw you can say 'get along with' and 'get away with'.

This word is collocated with a number of other words to give a different meaning.

The list of phrasal verbs with get and their meanings are given below, and then there is a multiple choice quiz to practice them.

Word Set 3

Phrasal Verb Get


get something across/over Make understandable or communicate
get around To have mobility
get away To go on holiday / vacation
get back at someone To get revenge
get back into Become interested in something again
get by To have just enough of something such as money or knowledge
get down to Start doing something seriously or with a lot of effort
get over something Recover from something, like an illness or a problem
get round to something To find time to do something
get through To survive something
get together Social meeting
get up Get out of bed

Test Yourself

How well do you know the phrasal verb get?

In this phrasal verb quiz, you have three choices to fill the gap. Choose the right words and / or tense.

Phrasal Verb Exercises - Quiz

1. I think it's important to at least once a year. Holidays give you a chance to relax from work.

2. When you are a student you must studying during exam time. If you don't concentrate hard you will fail.

3. 6am every day is important for me as I need to walk the dog and read the paper before work.

4. I never did applying for the job. I was just too busy.

5. I and my friends usually have a every Sunday. We'll just meet for some food and have a chat.

6. It's really easy to my town as it has great public transport.

7. The company never did it's massive drop in the share price. It closed down soon after.

8. I stopped listening to jazz music for many years, but I've it again recently.

9. My family never had much money to live on when we grew up, but we always managed to .

10. When you do a presentation it's always important to clearly.

11. I never liked it when my parents told me what to do, so I used to at them by staying out late with my friends.

12. Developing countries the last recession because their banks still had money.

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