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School Curriculum Essays

by Anomika

School Curriculum Essays

School Curriculum Essays

Some people say History is one of the most important school subjects. Other people think that in today's world subjects like Science and technology are more important than History.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

History has played a pivotal role in the forming of a life on the Earth that some communities believe this subject is situated on the first place in institutions, while others, who are on the side of a modern environment, think Science and Technology are the most essential things in the computer age. The merits of both arguments will be analyzed before a conclusion is decided upon.

First and foremost, as one person pointed out:" There is no future without history." History as a subject can help people realize the past mistakes and never repeat them nowadays. For instance, the greatest World Wars are proof of the past terrible moments where an enormous number of people disappeared from the face of our planet. Therefore, to avoid the third World War people have started leading a peaceful and calm life. Moreover, history is the most important source of the foundations of all traditions and customs which are also main tourist destinations in today's world. Thus, the merits of these opinions are hard to support.

On the other hand, we live in the 21st century where it is impossible to ignore a Cutting- Edge technology. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to deal with various Innovations to appropriate with a present atmosphere. For example, computers are used everywhere in the workplace now, so it is crucial for students to become competent in the use of such Technologies. Besides, Science is a popular sphere where so many jobs were created for its improvement. Hence, the heightened benefits of this view regarding the role of Science and Technology can clearly be seen.

To summarize, both History and contemporary subjects such as Science and technology should not be neglected in schools. However, with the everyday developments of machines Innovations will replace everything in the future world.

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Teaching Children to be Eco-Friendly

by Anju

Please provide some feedback where do I need to improve?? I am stuck on band 6.5

Some people think that children should be taught at school to recycle materials and avoid waste. Other people believe that children should be taught this at home.

Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion.

With the rise in awareness regarding importance of clean environment, it is generally assumed that children should learn how to recycle waste and how to avoid it. Some people think his should be the responsibility of teachers rather than parents, whilst I believe both the school and home should share this duty.

There are several reasons why children should be educated about recycling and reducing waste at school. Firstly, it is often stated that young students listen and obey to teachers instead of parents. For many, teachers are the role models and they look forward to them to learn; so when teachers explain and demonstrate how to reuse materials, students will follow. For instance, many of us learnt dangers of plastic waste at school during coursework. The other factor is that children learn effectively imitating others in a group. There is no other place better than school for a child to be involved in group activities; therefore if this team work is directed towards protecting environment by teaching them various methods to reuse plastic and paper waste, it will certainly leave positive marks on pupil. Thus, it can be said that school is a better place to teach these ideas.

On the other hand, there remains strong arguments as why children ought to be taught to manage waste at home. Experts suggest that skills practiced at home becomes habit eventually. For instance, hygiene rules, food habits, sleep habits and so on. Hence, if parents make rules to dispose waste by sorting their types as reusables and decomposable then this practice can easily transform into everyday routine for the child and even when he grows up. Furthermore, reinforcing what is taught in school at home helps to inculcate in young minds that it is important to apply the knowledge learnt at school in everyday life. In other words, family members can assist to apply the theory learnt from teachers at home. For example, in some topics which are related to human behaviors (such as cleaning, managing waste), the teacher can write a note for parents to motivate their child to demonstrate at their residence. In short, parents also play important role in teaching waste management.

In conclusion, I would argue that it is essential to educate children regarding recycling and avoiding waste both at home and at school. Teaching in either of the place is not enough to beget change in these children.

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Children Leaning Languages Essay

by Diksha Mittal

Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.

Do the advantages of this outweigh its disadvantages?

Language is the first way of communicating with others. It is not confined to just speaking rather it is a way of expressing feelings through actions or other mediums. But before conveying one’s feelings one should be able understand and comprehend words of other language. Hence, I agree to the belief that it is better for children to begin learning foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.

Today is a world of globalisation and surprisingly our globe is shrinking each day, every human is connected to each other despite being miles apart physically. As the connection is becoming stronger, language plays a critical role in establishing the bond overseas. Now as we debate about the advantages of early educating children foreign languages, we cannot deny the fact that kids are more aggressive and sharp minded in their early childhood days. Their inquisitive mind and a curiosity to reach the roots of any question helps them grasp concepts at a faster rate.

Children seek to burgeon(to develop and grow rapidly) in various domains, with this aspiration they even travel various countries for higher studies. If they already know the language of the other country, they would feel more confident and blend easily with the native students. This also enhances a feeling of togetherness and catalyzes team-work and cooperation amongst the youth of different lands.

Also, children being the future of a country tend to become prominent leaders if they have developed the propensity to connect and bring the world together with the power of language.

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Physical Education

by kim_kitty

Most schools offer some type of physical education program to their students.

Why is physical education important?

Should physical education classes be required or optional?

Nowadays, physical education is very common in schools. As schools want their students to stay healthy and fit with the help of physical education.

Some people believe that it should be mandatory as part of their academic course, whereas on the other side some disagree and say it should be optional. In my point of view I believe physical education plays a very important role in student life. I have some strong reasons to believe this. Let me discuss in detail.

Firstly, I would like to support my opinion with the statement that “physical education helps students to develop their interest in sports”. As many times a child does not know what he/she can do other than studies and in this way becomes unaware of the advantages of sports in his/her life. Secondly, sometimes a student gets bored while doing repetitive curricular activities on a daily basis and wants to do something new and full of excitement. At that time physical education can be a good solution to get rid of boredom as it provides refreshment to the student physically and mentally.

On the other hand the flip side of the coin presents a different picture as some people believe that because of physical education students lose their interest in studies. Many times students get over involved in sports and do not pay enough time on academics.

In the end, as we see there are many aspects of this question, but in my opinion people should understand the value of physical education because this is good physical and mental exercise for the students. But students should maintain a balance between the sports and academics.

Total words 274

Thanks for your feedback on my child development essay about physical education

Comments for Physical Education

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Jun 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

Good job

Aug 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thank you, whoever wrote this essay is fantastic...

Jun 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

Perfect buddy

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When to Learn a Foreign Language Essay

by Chaitra ram

Some experts believe that is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.

Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

In the Era of digitalization, the advantages of learning foreign languages are multifaceted. Most of the international schools these days provides plethora of foreign language courses as a part of school education. However, at which phase of schooling one should opt for such course is still a controversial clan of people agrees to opt for these skills at primary school while the other clan opts for these skills at secondary school, Let us critique both the views in detail going further.

First and Foremost, The learning capacity in younger childern is exponentially higher than that of the later age group. As per the research conducted in Harward university in 2002, the number of brain neurons present in children of age group ranging from 6 to 12yrs were almost thrice than that of the Teenagers. Furthermore, children's at young age are highly flexible to adapt to the new learnings. they embrace the learning activities as its integral part of their lives.In my country, India, Introduction of foregin language skills in the curriculum starts at the first grade itself.

On the contrary, Introducing lingusitic syllabus in highschool is comparitively challenging. Teenagers at this age are more into fascination, and they will have more sources of diversion. pupils at this shows vested intrest in Science & technology over the linguistic skills. As per recent news, Many of the students have already started coding their algorithms on the computers and they find it more joyful and entharlling compared to language learning.

To recapitulate, From my standpoint, Primary school children have shown More flexibility and adaptability in learning linguistic skills over the teenagers. Hence the advantages of incorporating foreign language learning skills at primary schools outweighs the disadvantages.

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Learning about the Past Essay

by Anomika

Learning about the past has no value for those of us living in the present.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The past does not not afford people to enjoy the present life. All failures and disappointments, which were made because of different reasons, force people to find the answer on the question "Why?" in the shelf of the old memories. Therefore, majorities believe there is no usefulness in the learning of the past time. I hesitate with this opinion and would like to consider the values and drawbacks of the knowledge about the past life moments.

First and foremost, as a one great person pointed out: "There is no future without past". All events, deals or actions, which happened a long time ago or yesterday, help people to have the best time today. For instance, the past mistakes and falls have made us stronger and smarter in our present life.Moreover,ancient life has introduced to humanity an enormous amount of exciting characters who became exemplars. Finally, only through the history we can create something new for today`s generation because the past is like a house basis without which it is impossible to build a roof.

On the other hand, when person learns history deeply, he forgets to contribute to present. This is because our prosperous life depends on nowadays efforts. Besides, i think, it is mostly important to support our lifestyles and enjoy every moments which appear now and possibly will never repeat again. Thus, tomorrow, today will be yesterday, therefore, our present life should not be neglected by us.

To sum up, it is essential to afford a history to accompany our present life. However, the slaves of the history will never understand the meaning of the nowadays

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Importance of History Essay

by perry3320

Some people say History is one of the most important school subjects. Other People think that, in today's world, subjects like Science and Technology are more important than History.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, many students have to study so many subjects such as Mathematics, Science, History etc at school, especially in secondary school. Some individuals argued that History subject is one of the most essential school subjects while other believed that subjects like Science and Technology are more significant than history. In my opinions, Science and Technology is way important than History.

History is one of the factors that pushing the country to be improved. Democracy is one of the main spirits that the western countries contained and believed. However, democracy is the result of the changing of dictatorship era. So many countries had undergone the periods of dictatorship such as Taiwan with no freedom of speech, or freedom of thinking or people even got arrested because of anti-government. Since, these had been mentioned in history subjects and they used to be taught the people of Taiwan that these periods should not be happened again. Nevertheless, the knowledge of History cannot help creating a better living styles in modern world.

Innovation is the main spirit in recent world. As the developments of science technology are being advanced day by day, they bring us tons of benefits such as medical. In the past, there were so many side effects after taking different kinds of medicine or undergoing medical treatments. As the developments of medical technology, new medicines and medical therapies have been implemented with fewer side effects and shorter recovery periods. Thus, the innovation of science and technology can bring somethings that History cannot be brought. So, the subject of Science and Technology can enhance a better future.

To sum up, I believe society can be improved by Science and Technology. I think all schools should be focused on teaching it. As the populations of the world are aging, we need to develop so many technics to counter the decline of manpower. Therefore, I believe Science and Technology is way important than History subjects in school.

Remarks: Can I get 5.5 or 6?

Comments for Importance of History Essay

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Oct 05, 2020

by: IELTS buddy

You are probably around the 5.5/6 level based on that essay - more likely 5.5.

Try to simplify things a bit - your first body paragraph is a bit confusing. The argument/point you are making there is not clear.

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Essay on Studying the Past at School

by Linh Trang

To some people studying the past has little value in the modern world.

Why do you think it is important to learn the past?

What will be the effect if children are not taught history?

Some people assume that the present is hardly getting involved in the history, so learning about the past is not important. In this essay, I am going to give several reasons for studying this subject along with some problems that could emerge if it is not taught at school.

In my opinion, there are two main reasons requiring us to know about history. First of all, when the young are reminded of majestic events in the past, their patriotism can be stimulated. For example, after searching information on history to preparing for a presentation at school, my sister now becomes more proud of her country. Moreover, commemorating the past through lessons enables children to gain a reservoir of knowledge and experiences.

If students are not educated in history, there will be some negative effects on themselves as well as the society. Without knowing history, the new generation may gradually become ungrateful and neglectful. Besides, the national security and defense will be put in jeopardy due to children lacking historic comprehension. Specifically, a recent magazine has indicated that a country can not survive without being loved by its people.

In conclusion, studying the past plays an important role in nations' existence, as a result, it is crucial for youngsters to learn it. I advocate that the government should take more measures to generalize history to the young in particular and the publicity in general.


Please provide me with some feedback on my essay about learning history. Thanks.

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When to Learn English Essay

by Muhammad

Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary schools rather than secondary school.

Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

It is argued by some professionals that adolescents should learn an extra language along with the local language of their country in their kindergarten school instead of learning in secondary school.This essay will discuss both advantage and disadvantage and will submit that the benefits are far reaching than the drawbacks.

Learning a second dialect in primary school has outstanding prospects in practical life.When a person used to know a second language in their junior school,they would have better opportunities during applying for a job or working with a high standard company.As a matter of fact,nowadays, employers demand extraordinary skilled graduates with creative mind,multilingual and outspoken, and all these qualities are accessed by being a bilingual person.Many researches showed that to learn an extra language helps in developing a creative mind, and these individuals are more creative than monolinguals.Moreover,it is commonly noticed that multi-dialect students have exceptional grades in professional studies.Therefore,I personally believe a multilingual person has widespread advantages in the future besides being in the present too.

Nevertheless,primary school goers are in an impressionable age and having an extra course can be tiresome to them.During middle grade studies,a student has to study a number of subjects and if an additional part is also included with the majors,could prove a burden and ultimately failure in the school.For instance,many people feel that inclusion of an unimportant topic has many bad outcomes regarding performance and health too.However,most of the student do not face these type of problems until they have proper guidance and support.

In conclusion,learning a second language in primary school has prominent advantages in term of better career prospects, creative thinking and most effectively,excellent results in tertiary school education,while being losing in their exam due to extra subject is taken as a negative notion.However,proper counselling can prevent this effect too.

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IELTS Essay: Priority of School Subjects

by vedika patil

Subjects like arts, music and drama are more important than other school subjects and therefore should be give more time in the calendar.

Do you agree or disagree?

I think in today more focus is put on the sciences. Such subjects are considered superior and to have better job opportunities. but in my opinion other subjects like arts music and drama are also equally important. if learn these subjects, we can perceive things differently. I think these subjects have always been present in human civilization. these subjects help us express better. Of course, we cannot neglect the great inventions of science and how they have made our life easier. but i think there should be more focus on other subjects in timetable. most of the times arts, music and drama are considered as hobbies and occupy negligible time on the timetable.

in 21st century there is lot of consideration given to these fields. and people are appreciative of arts. as we all know entertainment industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and profit earning too. students aspiring to be actors and actresses. join the dram clubs to polish their skills. if they have good teachers , it will be is for them to join the field. music is inevitable part of life for some people, and they aspire work in the same field. but they don't receive the sufficient support and information from high school, and therefore are unable to chase their dreams.

i think learning others subjects is important as much as learning arts, music and drama is. but for that we need proper guidance and support.

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IELTS Essay - School Sports in the Curriculum

by Ani Grigorova

Some people believe that competitive sports, both team and individual, have no place in the school curriculum.

How far do you agree or disagree?

Competitive sports and P.E. classes have always been a part of the school curriculum. However many people underestimate their importance and even think that team and individual sports should be abolished. My personal opinion is that such activities and sports are a “must” for kids and students and I strongly disagree with the prior statement.

First of all, it is widely known that sports and physical activity provide a wide range of health benefits. Daily exercise prevents obesity and develops the muscles, which is vital for young kids and teenagers, since that is the time they are growing and developing the most.

Along that, playing sports and simply using the body more than the mind, could be an excellent stress-reliever, thus bringing benefits for the students’ mental health. Sitting on a desk all day, studying complex subjects could be stressful and after hours, the brain simply gets tired and further studying is quite counter-productive. P.E. classes provide a great break for the brain, since the body is more used. And after that, students can proceed with their studies, feeling refreshed and with their brains rested. That is significantly more productive than burning out the kids’ brains by non stop studying.

In addition, team sports are great for teaching the students rather useful soft skills, such as communication, team work, leadership and cooperation. Sports such as football, basketball, etc. teach the kids to rely on one another and work together. And the greatest advantage of this is that those soft skills are not only applied in sports, they would be of a great use in offices and the professional field in general, so by playing team sports, students learn a plethora of skills, which can be applied in their future professional lives.

Even though some people underestimate sports at school, I strongly believe that they must remain in the school curriculum. More physical activity means healthier children, both physically and mentally and sports teach many useful skills, which could even benefit the students’ future.

Comments for IELTS Essay - School Sports in the Curriculum

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Feb 21, 2024
Feedback - School Sports in the Curriculum Essay
by: Anonymous

This is a really good piece of work, it flows nicely . However, I have some comments:

1. develops muscles: swap for build muscles as develops is already in that sentence.
2. along that -> (WC) maybe use As well as or Also
3. remove simply
4. sitting on a -> should be sitting at a
5. since the body is more used -> swap more and used so it reads: since the body is used more
6. kids= informal so try: the children burning out from overworking themselves studying.
7. teaching students rather useful soft skills = no need for rather or soft
8. add in through teamwork after teaching students to rely on each other...

some great hard words like plethora used correctly. the work was good just a few small changes.

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