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Success Essays

by Tinash

Hello, friends please give some feedback for this success essay. Do I need some changes on this or not?

Success means the desire was strong enough.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In today's world, many peoples are getting chances to experience a joy of EMPLOYMENT. Additionally, various sacrifices and knowledge can be the attributed for these generally positive trends. However, others believe that, without a lot of struggles as well, citizens are able to embrace the goal. I will explain both sides of views and try to reach a conclusion.

It is true that, nowadays, in many parts of the globe, no one is staying on tensions in their lives. It means, they have become successfully experts to pull out a joy. Similarly, owing to their a good educations and cognizances on the concerned pre-plan, today they are now called as successful person. It is fact that, to get a high level of position, a typical person must has to graduates from a university. Considering this fact, peoples often prefer to gain their target, since their childhood. So their desire become strong enough to upgrade their intelligence, which is an enviable for them to grant the target. For instance, Ram Krishna Dhakal, one of the most popular singer of Nepal since his childhood, has now recently got an award of being best singer. He got this only because of his desire and sacrifice on this area. It means, only those could be fortunate one, who indulge themselves in desired plans.

However, other oppose these views. Firstly, they claim that, nowadays, peoples can easily be lucky enough in portraying the image of success. It is to say that, most peoples have their own known professional belongings, owing to which, it sustains them to acquired the level of that position. Similarly, it means that, no any solid desire and talent are indispensable to become famous in capability. Another aspect regarding this topic is, some inhabitants get an ample opportunity to be well known unexpectedly. For example, if certain people attend on seminar, where he or she have to exhibit his or her views and ideas, such thought could attract some third person, who would provoke him or her to be a part of concerned business, which fortify his or her lives consequently. Thus, a plethora of endeavor and a huge strive can not be sometimes the factors of being success.

In conclusion, although behind some success has some prominent desire and struggle, but in some situation, this can not be the cardinal reasons. I personally think, without any sacrifice peoples also can achieve their goals.

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Nov 18, 2014
Success Essays
by: IELTS buddy

This is quite a difficult question.

It is asking if you agree that anyone can be successful in what they choose if they are motivated and work hard.

Or do you think that it comes down to, for example, luck or privilege.

You seem to mention these things in your essay but it is very confusing and difficult to follow your arguments, and to work out exactly what your arguments are.

You seem to be trying to put in lots of complex vocabulary rather than focusing on getting your point across clearly. Your ability does not seem good enough for this high level vocabulary because there are quite a few errors. So you need to simplify your writing.

And it is very long - 400 words. Did you do everything such as plan, brainstorm, write and check in 40 mins? That seems unlikely. You should be aiming for around 265-300 words, but not much more.

You need to focus brainstorming a few key ideas and planning clearly how you will support them with reasons and examples, and improve your coherency.

Work your way through the IELTS Essay Writing Lessons

Thanks and good luck

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Money and Success

by Sarvar
(Uzbekista, tashkent)

Please check my IELTS success essay and provide feedback.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Only people who earn a lot of money are successful.

Some people think, who earns much money is successful. I partly agree with this statement. Money indicates people`s condition and reflect their life. However, others believe, that people who have not got a lot of money can be successful too. Having much money has a lot of advantages, but it has some disadvantages too.

The rich who have high salary are successful. For the several reasons, they can effort what they want and own: big houses, cars and many influential friends. In the present day, Money may solve the number of problems in life and these are one of the particular advantages. In addition, it creates good conditions to live and it has positive effect in lifestyle of each person.

However, some people believe, that money creates not only a beautiful life but this also makes and some drawbacks such as: dissatisfactions with personal life, fake relationships with colleagues and leisure time. Because, those who make money are working hard and their success in this. They are time consuming in work due to he or she can not effort environment in free time. In addition, people have fake relationship and be friends for money. I think, that this is true in life.

In conclusion, Having a good education and having a happy family are the best way to successful. Because, this is the real things and it doesn’t depends on a lot of money or any conditions. I think, that successful is having a real attention with people and happy family.

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Nov 28, 2014
About the Success Essay
by: Speaker

Speaking generally, this essay doesn't have sufficient expressions and appropriate phrases.

As well there is lack of words especially academic words.

In my opinion this work is not able to embrace given question. It is more likely that explains advantages of being rich rather than why you are agree or partly agree with this statement.

Ultimately it can be assessed up to 6.

Nov 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

The person who this is wants to be rich, that's what it's trying to say

May 16, 2016
Not satisfied.
by: Anonymous

It was not up to the mark...being an author..I can find many mistakes which are common in many of the lines...your success essay lacked strong points and the essay was too short.

Anyways!!! Don't lose hope. Keep trying till you succeed.

Thank you!!!

Aug 15, 2016
by: robo

what an essay?

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Desiring Success in Life

by Tam

Hi guys, I really need you guys to give some feedbacks before I take the real test, again. :(. I really appreciate your help

How important do you think it is for people to want success in life?

Is ambition a positive or negative characteristic?

It is likely that every people have their dreams of success in life. However, two questions that how far the importance of this ambition is and whether this is positive or detrimental trend are some of the controversial issues, which would be discussed in this essay by personal opinions.

With respects to levels of this desire, it seems that this depends on each individuals and their specific situations. For example, poor blue-collar workers with their back-breaking life generally put all their efforts into working to meet basic needs, hence, the essence of dreams of better life to them is obviously higher than that to those who are in full-supported conditions. Otherwise, being self-motivated in the nature, some youngsters consider success in work/study as their native fascination and try to perform their strengthen, while others with their sedentary lifestyle generally incline to sufficient and leisured life.

Apart from this, the ambition’s influences seem to have both pros and cons. On the one hand, when dreams of success has become the avarice, a person would tend to do detrimental actions. These days, there are various piece of news about criminals of robbing or cheating, which only when offenders’ desire surpass their disposable conditions, do they readily do illegal ways. On the other hand, it cannot be also gainsaid that pursuing success help to heighten personal life expectancy then boosting the prosperity of the national economy afterwards.

In conclusion, with all afore-mentioned opinions, no one could deny merits and demerits of appetite about big goals as well as the fluctuation of its role which relies on every person in
particular circumstances.

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Jul 15, 2018
Good one but need more attention
by: Anonymous

Again? How high was your score last time? I can give you some comments, though those are not optimal, it may help you somehow.


1. detrimental trend
2. controversial issues
3. back-breaking life

Not good:


1. "it is likely" = "It is probably". I think it's better to write how sure you are. This is not wrong, but using a stronger word instead of "likely" may be better.
2.* A detrimental trend.
3.* "By personal opinions" ==> In my personal opinions.

2nd paragraph:

4. it seems that this depends on ... ==> You should name the subject directly instead of using "this" at the first sentence of the paragraph to make yourself clear.
5. the essence of dreams ==> If you are trying to avoid using "desire/ambition", you can google "desire synonyms" and learn from it.
6. full-supported ==> fully supported
7.* perform their strength (strengthen is a verb)

3rd paragraph

8.* dreams of success HAVE
9. "which only when offenders’ desire surpass their disposable conditions, do they readily do illegal ways". I quite don't understand why you used inversion in the latter phrase.
10.* pursuing success helpS.
11.* then BOOSTS (parallel with help)


12. aforementioned (no dash)
13. deny THE merits and demerits

Overall, those comments with * are very important that you need to pay more attention, most of them are grammatical mistakes. The task achievements, cohesion and vocabulary are good, you can get 7 or more in those terms, but grammar is lower than that, maybe 5.5. Focus more on your grammar.

Jul 17, 2018
Comment above is too harsh
by: Anonymous

I don't think like the guy above. He's right about those mistakes, but 6.5 is quite too low since you achieve perfectly your task achievements. I think it's gonna be 8-7-7-5.5 = 7.

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IELTS Essay - Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Celebrity

by amal
(Saudi Arabia)

Does being a celebrity bring problems?

Does being a celebrity bring problems?

Being a celebrity such as a famous film star or sports personality brings problems as well as benefits.

Do you think that being a celebrity has more benefits or more problems?

Nowadays we live in a world where celebrity has a major influence on society. Therefore, some argue that to begin constantly in the public eye has its own pros and cons. In this essay I will be discussing why in my opinion being a famous person brings more disadvantages.

To begin with, the major con of becoming a celebrity is the fact that these individuals are always in the spotlight, they have no privacy. paparatize are following them everywhere they go. Moreover, they are considered to be role models especially for adolescents, therefore those teens are influenced by the theme and copy their actions. For example, when a famous person makes a mistake often people forget that they are human and that everybody makes mistakes, the public will attack them and the first thing that they always say is that celebrities are influencing their youngsters in a bad way.

However, we can not deny that becoming a famous individual has many advantages. Firstly, they are appreciated and loved across the world for their talent. Many people respect them and put them in high standards.secondly, we can not ignore the financial stability that comes with being famous. These individuals are sponsored by major companies around the globe. As a result they will be able to take good care of their family and give back to their communities and also live a luxurious happy life without having to worry about money.

In conclusion, although there is a lot of benefit that comes with being rich and famous. one can not overlook the major drawbacks that come with it.

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