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Task 2 Essay: Child Labour

by katisss

In many countries, children are engaged in some kind of paid work. Some people regard this as completely wrong, while others consider it as valuable work experience, important for learning and taking responsibilities.


Whether paid work is beneficial or harmful for a children is a controversial topic. Some people are convinced working can aid a child’s development, while others want to ban any kind of child labour. A child’s focus should undoubedtly be on it‘s its education, but I am convinced that some work experience can help teenagers in growing up and making better career choices.

On the one hand, taking a job can influence a child‘s health, development and academic performance negatively. Every effort must be made to made to avoid exploitation of children labour. Most physically exhausting work, and working at night hours or in dangerous places pose a threat to children’s and teenager’s health and these are forbidden by law in most countries. Moreover, I believe it is crucial to ensure all children get an education instead of working full time at a young age, in order to that they have a chance to find skilled employment later in life. It is worth considering that it can be challenging for students to work and perform well in school. Children working may find less time for their homework and social activities and may feel overcharged overwhelmed. Moreover, teenagers, who are working may find working life more appealing than attending school and
drop out of school altogether. Finally, the kinds of jobs usually held by children are low paid, unskilled jobs that do not provide much of a learning experience.

On the other hand, gaining some practical experience in a casual or summer job can improve a child’s self esteem, sense of responsibility, motivation to study and may help them to discover their interest and talents outside the school‘s curriculum. If students can find work in a field of their interest or tutor younger students it can be advantageous for their studies despite taking up some time. Additionally, working gives children some practical life experience like teaching them the value of money. Children may be proud of their work and accompanying responsibilities, which will boosting their self esteem and sense of independence from their parents. Lastly, realizing how much there is to learn to succeed in working life might motivate them to study harder.

All in all, I believe some work experience is advantageous for children and their education by giving them a window into work life. It remains to see if in the future increasing competition and study pressure will leave room for children to work while attending school.


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Again, a good essay, well-organized that fully answers the question. Just a couple of points:

it‘s = you only use it with an apostrophe for ‘it is’. For possession, there is no apostrophe.

exploitation of child labour = you can’t have ‘labour’ at the end as it does not fit with your subject. You are not exploiting child labour, just the child.

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Sep 18, 2014
by: Anonymous


Sep 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

good but it should be more effective

Jan 17, 2015
child labour
by: Anonymous

its quite good

Jun 14, 2017
child labour
by: Mahnaz

I think It is a well organised essay but the only thing that I can say is that it is too long for 40 minutes.

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