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Task 2: Importing Food

by katisss

Today’s food travels thousands of miles before it reaches customers.

Why is this? Is this a positive or negative trend?

Nowadays, an increasing number of food items offered in supermarkets are imported. Sometimes even quite ordinary food has travelled huge distances. I will explore the reasons for this tendency and discuss its benefits and drawbacks.

While delicacy and spices have been internationally traded for centuries, today’s global trade with low transportation costs and fewer trade barriers has encouraged the importing of food in large quantities. In some places even everyday items and inexpensive food like pasta or vinegar can be imported cheaper more cheaply than being produced locally. Consequently, supermarkets take advantage of this development.

However, imported food comes at a high price for consumers, the local agriculture and the environment. First of all, some food will lose flavour and freshness when travelling by ship for weeks. For example, (comma here) fruit has to be shipped before fully ripe or additional preservatives have to be added to food. Secondly, local farmers may not be able to compete with the low cost of imported food. They will go out of business or stop growing local fruit or vegetable species at all. This can lead to less local variety in food offered. Additionally, the transportation itself is harmful to the environment as it uses fossil fuels. For all of these reasons a quite vocal “local food” movement has formed in recent years trying to promote and preserve food quality and local grown food. (I would not include this last sentence – it detracts from your essay as it is not answering the question i.e. it is not an advantage or disadvantage).

It can be argued, (no comma here) that imported food benefits consumers with low prices and more choice. Supermarkets can choose the least expensive supplier worldwide and offer food at a lower price to their customers. Importing food also enables them to offer more choices, like exotic fruits and international food, to their customers. For example, in some countries it would be impossible to sell most kind of fresh fruits and vegetables in winter at all if they were not imported.

All in all I think it is worth preserving local food and one should restrict importing foods to products unavailable like delicacy and unseasonable fruits. It will not be easy to reverse this trend, but if consumers choose local food over imported, it can help making to make supermarkets decide to offer more local food again.


IELTS buddy

It's an excellent answer so there is little I can add to it.

Just be careful to keep on topic as per the sentence I identified in body paragraph 2.

Comments for Task 2: Importing Food

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Oct 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

why we can't say cheaper instead of more cheaply?

Nov 12, 2012
why more cheaply
by: Anonymous

CHEAPLY is adverb and it's comparison between prices so we have to add MORE.

I think cheaper is an does not fit in the sentence.

Aug 29, 2013
by: sna

how many bands this essay will get

Sep 12, 2013
opposing points in a paragraph
by: Niner X

However, imported food comes at a high price for consumers, the local agriculture and the environment.

Secondly, local farmers may not be able to compete with the low cost of imported food.


I quite find these 2 sentences contradictory with each other.

Sep 30, 2013
by: Monakw

We should put a title for the essays.?

Feb 19, 2014
please point out my mistakes in my writing task below
by: Anonymous

Writing Task 2:

Today’s food travels thousands of miles before it reaches customers.

Why is this?

Is this a positive or negative trend?

Now a day’s goods are imported from different countries on demand of the customers and it follows the routes include sea, by air and sometimes seller visit different countries to bring foods to their countries to facilitate customer.

The food when brought from the countries overseas takes time and proper preservation of that food should be taken into account. In addition the food that travels a distance needs proper packing to protect it from germs and other micro organisms. It can be otherwise attacked by fungi during travel and can cause several diseases to human body.

But in contrast the demand of the customer rising with a startling pace, and to fulfill the requirement of the customers seller has to import the food on demand. Which if reached sold in good prices and every time the demand emerge out is new food products from different country which sometimes become very difficult to import or impossible. But to satisfy the customer one has to take the risk of importing food items from abroad.

In conclusion, my opinion as I am not food addictive it is negative because the food that travel hundreds of kilometers might not be safe from any micro organism, germs and sometime if the freshness of the food evaporated the food then affected by fungi which is very harmful for the human health if eaten.

Mar 26, 2014
food transportation
by: Isaac

Today’s food travels thousands of miles before it reaches customers.

Why is this?

Is this a positive or negative trend?

these days large quantities of food travel long distances all over the world cities.everywhere we see food transported widely spread which in my point of view is a positive trend.

to begin we have to look why big food companies do such things .of course their first purpose is to expand their business which later on create more jobs ,investing large amounts money and of course increase their profits.another significant reason is due to customers request ,we see in big cities with large populations their food consumption is much more so they ask more food to be delivered to cover their needs.

another good reason why they love food with large amounts because of the foreign groups that can be found in a local community .for those people they feel home sick so when they ask for certain kinds of food they feel home and enjoy food they used to it.

although a lot of people argue on this matter i see that it's a positive trend .first of all it makes a good connection between different cultures for example when food from a different culture introduced in a local market it attracts people to examine and try it so civilizations get connected also economy of such city start to rise up.
second good reason why its good to transport food is to open up new markets creating more jobs and improving people's income.

to conclude nowadays we see food by huge amounts travel all around which has a positive affect of both individuals and society even if some people oppose this view.

Jun 05, 2014
Sample answer
by: Anonymous

These days, alot of food items get deliver to destination, after covering thousand of miles distance in order to fulfil the needs of the costumers.Some people think that its a good way to get their desire amount of food item while some think its not useful.In the following paragraphs we will discuss pros and cons of this.

to begin with,firstly there are many food items which are prepared at some specific location, but due the popularity of that food item, people thousand miles away also need to get that food item in their local super store.In order to fulfil the demands of the consumers these food items are supplied to them in a very short interval of item by their specialised transporting truck and in this way we get the required food in our home town.

secondly, the consumer will not need to travel for such a long distance in order to get that food this way he could save his money and time and will get the food item at least expense.

as everything have a negative side, the same way it has some drawbacks too.Firstly when the food travel for such a long distance their is chance that the quality of food could be change and there is a possibilty that food get spoil on his way.

secondly, the cost for the required foot item would also be a bit high as by the application of taxes and travelling costs,the consumer will get it on higher prizes than its original prize.

to sum up all, as it has have some negative effects but in the end it is a cheaper and more feasible way for consumers to get their desire food items in their home town without taking too much pain.

Aug 17, 2014
food and its import
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry but the writings are not very impressive.

Nov 18, 2014
Need Feedback
by: Anonymous

Pl. provide feedback on my essay.

Today’s food travels thousands of miles before it reaches customers.

Why is this? Is this a positive or negative trend?

Today’s world has shrunk. Now one does not have to think of traveling to different places in the world to buy/enjoy the food they like. Everything is locally available. Although there are arguments justifying both sides of this trend, I strongly believe that this trend should not be encouraged and we should enjoy the local produce.

On one hand there are few positives. To begin with, with the help of good transportation and distribution system, we are able to send extra produce to neighboring states/countries. This reduces wastage and farmers are able to make more money. This helps in the improvement of the economy. Secondly, with the help of good preservation techniques, food is processed and preserved locally. Processed food is sold in the local market as well as exported to other countries. Export of dried Mangoes and pineapples from Thailand are good examples. Along with a boost to the country’s economy, people from other countries can enjoy and savor the delicacies. Furthermore, people learn about other country’s cuisine and culture by enjoying different country’s food and spices. For example, different styles of pasta sauce are exported from Italy along with Italian Pasta from Italy.

On the other hand, we are forgetting the benefits of eating fresh. California apples reach India and then to the customers almost after a month. To make them still look fresh, they are wax polished. Along with eating stale, customers are forced to eat harmful chemicals. It is definitely a health hazard. Furthermore, we are getting accustomed to eating processed food which again is neither fresh nor chemical free. Processing of the food happens thousands of miles apart. Preservatives are added to preserve the food and effects of such preservatives are unknown. Diseases like cancer and tumor are becoming household names now. In addition, this is also impacting local economy. Instead of buying locally produced fruits and vegetables, there is modern trend to buy imported fruits and vegetables. As a matter of fact, dairy and dairy products are being imported from Australia to Asia, Europe and America.

To summarize, I strongly believe that in our everyday routine we should eat fresh and local produce. Imported food/fruits should not be part of our lifestyle. This will help us keep healthy and fit. Also it will help to boost the local economy.

Nov 29, 2014
by: kevin

this is a great site and it provides great information keep it up

Jan 20, 2015
Not bad
by: Anonymous

It's quite detailed but I would have liked the outline of positive and negatives to have been more clear.

May 06, 2015
My Importing Food Essay
by: Anonymous

There are countries with excess food production abilities with vast, arable fertile land and there are others which are mostly deserts. It makes it necessary that food should reach areas where it is not cultivable or where it is cultivated in less quantities.

Many developed countries have invented machinery and other technology such as disease resistant seeds for growing crops. Their yield is increased many folds whereas the less developed using obsolete means of cultivation are suffering from food shortage. In order to fulfill the nutrition requirements of individuals in areas where there is food shortage and also to protect food from being wasted in areas where it is cultivated in abundance, it should be transported to less fortunate areas.

Many countries however make it a source of earning foreign exchange thus plundering and disturbing the natural balance of the nature. For instance seafood trade, netting fish in the breeding season can result in shortage of fish in later years. Excess fishing of many special species of fish such as cods and whales, could result in their extinction. Thus food production though important should be limited according to a moral code of conduct and strictly on need basis.

Food exchange between neighbouring countries also increases co operation and good will. It is also important for survival.

Nowadays concern is being raised on the matter of genetically modified foods. As they are not produced in nature but have been modified according to man's wishes in the laboratories, they are eyed with suspicion with fears that long term effects of consuming such food can be harmful.

Importing food is a necessity, because of the availability of food in certain areas and its non availability in others. With modern technology the feat of transporting fresh perishable food from one part of the world to another has become easier. If cheaper food than it is available can be imported, it becomes lighter on the pocket of a poor man. Hence, such benefits of importing food cannot be ignored.

Aug 13, 2015
by: confusedaboutstructure

Does this answer not have structural issues. By the introduction, we should know where the author stands-- whether they believe it's positive or a negative trend. Grammatically, it is quite good, but I think rhetorically and structurally, it is lacking. Please advise.

Aug 15, 2015
Today’s food travels thousands of miles before it reaches customers.
by: Anonymous

Nowadays it has become a recent trend among the people to try different kind of foods. Therefore government has been importing variety of food from all over the world. some would argue that Imported food gives negative impact to the consumers. However, others would argue that imported food benefits consumers with low prices and more choice. This essay need a comprehensive analysis on weighing both views before drawing a conclusion. In this essay,.I will explore the reasons for this tendency and discuss its benefits and drawbacks.

On the one hand, some food will lose their flavor and freshness when travelling by ship for weeks. That is to say, Food modification and transformation may seem to be unhealthy and that has travelled across the world is considerably less healthy than locally grown . The simple point is that the further food travels before it reaches the consumer, the less fresh it will be and any nutritionist will confirm that fresh food is fuller of vitamins. Therefore, it would be preferable if supermarkets and other stores did not transport food from other countries. moreover, It would affect the local agriculture and financial status of formers. However, it gives more benefits to the consumers as well as the countries.

On the other hand, Nowadays food consumers have a huge choice of food to buy because some of it comes from distant countries . To explain more, country can choose the least expensive supplier worldwide and offer food at a lower price to their customers. Importing food also enables them to offer more choices, like exotic fruits and international food, to their customers. For example, in some countries it would be impossible to sell most kind of fresh fruits vegetables and meats in winter at all if they were not imported. food exportation abroad increases the economy rate of the country. Also with this, globalization can be enriched Countries will have good contacts among each other.

In conclusion, Even though importing food gives some negative impact to the consumers. My opinion, Importing food would enrich our economic and political relationship to other countries. it would give more employment opportunities to the young graduated people and people would have a choice to try Varity of food because Varity is a species of life. Once you enjoy the merits you should ignore the demerits.

Sep 08, 2015
by: Sagor palma

In this essay I agree with her, I think we give first priority for our local foods....

Oct 14, 2015
by: Anonymous

Nowadays, food is transported across the continents for months together to meet the needs of the customers. One of the reason being the demand of the customer for particular food item, other is the climate condition of that region which makes it impossible to grow that food. This transportation of food for distant countries can prove to be beneficial or may have adverse effect which will be discussed.

Firstly, The cold countries are benefited from this type of food industry business. As in winter most of the north European Countries find it hard to grow all sort of food items they need, this will force them to import the needed foot products from the other countries. With this they can enjoy good food verities throughout the year irrespective of unsupported season.

Secondly, This is huge business for the local former's to get benefited. When the marked is small, it gives no motivation to the former's to grow particular product in bulk. When the supermarkets provide them competitive price depending on the quality they produce. Though this gives more benefit, but former's are bound to produce quality product to be in market.

However, when the food sails for months together to reach destination, the products like fruit's and spices will loose its flavor. Even though we pay high price, we need to compromise in the taste and nutrients we get out of it. Sometimes, imported food products will be less cost than local price, this proves to be an threat to local former's

In conclusion, importing of food results in many positive aspects considering the consumers needs and gives diversity to the food habits. Nevertheless the quality of food item needs to compromised sometimes.

Jan 11, 2016
understand this essay please
by: gaurav

Farmers within a country are often protected by tariff that is special taxes an imported food such policies are necessary and should be implemented wherever possible to what extent do you agree with this

Mar 10, 2016
Govt role should be in importing food
by: Anonymous

I guess importing should not be stopped by government policy. Let customer give the choice what they want. If really local food is healthier then obviously customer will prefer that over imported food. To me transparency (like what preservative added to the food should be labeled in the package etc.) should be imposed by Government agency. Additionally Government should ensure (like medicine etc) no harmful effect that food have on people before allowing that food product to sell in the local market.

May 27, 2016
Sample Answer
by: Bardia

It is relatively true that we are now able to buy food that its origin is from thousands miles away. In my view, although going to some places on the other part of the world because of a particular food is becoming no longer interesting, the access of having a certain type food whenever is required would be valuable.

I believe, globalization not only facilitated availability of many goods, but also it has a positive effect on food companies. Indeed, while people are demanding to have a variety of food to eat, this results on food companies to export their products to anywhere that they can sell. In fact, people would truly pay for their first and vital need, which is the food. Consequently, all the farmers and food manufacturers would have the will to send their food to all over the world while they are advertising it in order to inform many more.

Furthermore, it seems a constructive trend that made food industries to compete over their qualities and prices of their food. Therefore, it is people that will benefit from having a cheaper and better product. Moreover, accessing to a particular foodstuff for the matter of health or taste would be another great advantage of this progress.

Hence, considering the aforementioned, the conclusion to be drawn is that globalization of all different products is a precious development that will benefit many people and countries. Even it has financial advantages that importing and exporting of a food will bring for nations.

May 30, 2016
by: Anonymous

what is the name of the author of this article and short biography,

it will help for my research paper
thanks :)

Sep 15, 2016
by: Anonymous

Does importing food reduce jobs

Jan 13, 2017
just a try, plz make corrections - Importing Food Essay
by: Manpreet

Our world is getting populated more and more day by day. Obviously, the demand of food is on rise. To meet this demand, large quantity of food is imported and hence it covers thousands of miles before it is consumed by people. Though, the above practice have some negative affects, but overall it is a positive trend.

Firstly, there is nothing wrong if a country is importing eatable items from another countries. Some countries, today do not have enough resources or geographical conditions to produce certain eatable items in their own farms. In this circumstances, it is good idea to get that particular food items imported. Now a days, there are various methods by which food can be preserved for a longer period, and hence while it is staying in transit the food still stays fresh and nutritious. For example, the meat and dairy products are kept in desirable lower temperature and excellent hygienic conditions and eventually when it reaches to our dining table, they are as fresh as just processed. Moreover, today larger distances can be cover in few minutes or hours with the help of today's super fast and advanced transport systems (airways, ships and bullet trains) at a lower cost. This lower transit cost brings the food price down and consequently for government and customers pocket as well.

On the other hand, importing food items form other countries does have some demerits. Firstly, the chemicals used to preserve food items during transportation can affect our health. Secondly,imported eatable products have shorter expiry dates.

To conclude, It is clear that the importing food has lots more benefits than the adverse effects. Some of its negative impacts can be reduced or diminished if food companies or regarding authorities decide to work upon it.

Feb 15, 2017
by: Siminem

I don't understand how he/she organised the essay...benefits and drawbacks had been mixed, i can't figure out the writer's opinion

Mar 22, 2017
Answering the question
by: Ace

I would like to ask if this is an approriate answer, because is says "positive or negative" so you only have to select one but not discussing to views. So which is correct? Please enlighten me. Thanks

Mar 22, 2017
Answering the question
by: Ace

For this essay should we only answer one or both of positive or negative? because it says "or'..please enlighten me.

Mar 24, 2017
Answering the question
by: IELTS buddy

I think the easiest thing to do would be to pick one or the other (not both) and say why as you don't have much time do to the essay.

But it would not be a problem if you did mention both benefits and drawbacks as long as you very clearly stated what your personal opinion was.

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