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Task 2 Sample Writing:
Learning from Books

by katisss

“Not every thing that is learned is contained in books.” Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books.

In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

For some centuries humanity has used books to document its growing knowledge. Some people prefer learning from books while others are convinced first-hand experience provides a better learning experience. In my opinion, books can not fully replace experience but can enhance, facilitate and speed up the process of gaining knowledge in some fields.

Undoubtedly, first-hand experience is useful to learn about a field but can be time consuming or only available at certain times or places. For example, to study the history of the pyramids most people would have to travel far. On the other hand, books are comparatively cheap, easily available and can be used anywhere. Without books and only personal experience, the number of people having access to knowledge would be seriously limited in some fields.

Secondly, experience is limited to our own selves and that of people we known know. However, books allow us to expand the depth of our knowledge by sharing other people’s experiences. Usually they are written by subject experts and comparing our personal experience to the author’s experiences allows gives us a broader view of the field. range of knowledge.

Furthermore, some fields are difficult to experience in person or bar beginners for safety reasons. Space exploration fascinated many people but only very few people went have been into space so far. Another example is surgery; beginners need to gain some knowledge prior to practicing.

From this description For these reasons it is obvious that in many areas books are an excellent complement for our personal experience. I therefore expect that their usage, whether in printed or digital form, to increase in the future.


IELTS buddy

I've put the corrections in the version above as there were not many.

Mostly it is a good answer, but be careful with commas as you are still missing a lot out.

Also, you need to more clearly state your opinion i.e. you should specifically say in the introduction or conclusion which source you think is more important as the question asks.

If you think neither is more important and they both must complement each other (as you seem to say in your body paragraphs), you should still clearly state this.

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