Travel to Remote Natural Environments

by Olena Dmytriieva
(Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

Nowadays, scientists and tourists can travel to remote natural environments such as the South Pole.

What are advantages and disadvantages of this development?

Travelling to such places as the poles seemed to be unthinkable a few centuries ago. Now both scientists and tourists can do it, but is it a positive achievement? - I doubt it, and I am going to explain why.

When Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole and set up a Norwegian flag there, the whole world admired his courage and determination. Captain Scott and his team were less successful and unfortunately none of his companions managed to come back. The captain’s diaries and letters to his unborn son cannot be read without tears and compassion. These are two remarkable examples of inner strength and unbroken spirit which cannot be underestimated.

There is no doubt that a lot of things have become more affordable for the past decades. Nevertheless travelling to remote natural environments need to be prepared thoroughly. The ways of transport like snowmobiles cannot be compared with dog sledges or skates. Tourists do not need to have food depots, they can transport all the food, clothes and necessary equipment with them. I am convinced that seeing all the untouched beauty of the nature will leave everyone speechless as this beauty can hardly be expressed by words.

We must acknowledge that people do more harm to the nature wherever they appear. We cannot deny that Everest has become a greatest dump “thanks to” all the tourists who climb it. They all are looking for excitement and new experience, but what is left behind them? I am convinced that such places as the South and North poles should become ecological reserves and their activity has to be supervised by the government and environmental organizations. There are other numerous ways of searching the information except visiting the places. Ecotourism should be restricted as well because thousands of species of animals have been disappeared for ever.

Overall, tourism to distant places does great harm to the environment. The governments should take measures to protect the habitat of rare animals and plants from people.


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Sep 04, 2017
by: Anonymous

Too good ....

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Paying for Cultural Attractions

by Jade

Hi! This is my first essay write-up after 3 years of getting a 6 in my writing in IELTS. I am planning to take the IELTS this august so I hope you can comment and advise regarding my writing.

Foreign visitors should pay more than local visitors for cultural and historical attractions.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, tourism is the number one source of income of most towns especially in my country- Philippines. Visitors from foreign land and even the locals are being charged with entrance fees by merely visiting the beaches, zoos, amusements parks and even the historical places in a certain town in exchange for the preservation cost and profit in favor of the town being visited. Apart from this, some say that visitors from the place should pay less than those foreign ones, I strongly agree on this idea.

Tourist attractions in a town or city are being maintained and taken cared of by locals so they should primarily benefit from it. The favors should be given back to its people through the discounted prices they can enjoy every time they visit tourist attraction in the local area.

Secondly, the inhabitants in the area are the ones who paid taxes for the benefit of starting the development of their hometown. Needless to say that residents are already paying a portion of the ticket money through the monthly contributions they pay.

Lastly, by lowering the cost of visitation fees of the locals, they will be encouraged to invite friends, workmates and other potential visitors in their own place. It provides a sense of confidence and pride to invite others and be proud with the support that the local government gives to its people.

In the end, it is logical to say that the locals must enjoy a lesser charge than foreign visitors in visiting historically important places including museums, art exhibitions and parks. The ideas does return the favor of patriotism. Besides, government business us nothing if its people are not happy to support it.

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Visiting New or Familiar Places

by Karina Benoki
(Ho Chi Minh city, Việt Nam)

I have an essay, hope you can fix it and give me a band for it. Thank you!

Some people like to travel to somewhere new and different when they go on holiday, while others prefer familiar places.

Do you think there are more advantages or disadvantages to visiting new places?

Most people take a holiday every year during the summer, and when they book on holiday, they have a choice. They can go to a place that they have known before, or they can go to a place that is new to them to discover. This second option has positive effect to us, however, it still have a negative effect.

In my opinion, travel is about exploration. Although it is reassuring to go to a place you know, but it is less things to discover and eat. Example, you can have new experiences, eat new food you have never try, visit unusual scenery if you go to a new place. More than that, the most essential advantage of visiting new places is to develop the understanding of the world. Today, you can find and learn everything from books and internet, but the best way to find out and learn about other culture is go to a new place, discover about their language, clothes, music, and so on.

However, there are some disadvantages when you go to a new place. Firstly, it is more stressful when you plan for the hold trip, example, you have to book a train or a plane ticket or book a room in a hotel. Secondly, it is easy to make mistakes. Although you can find information on the internet, but the information is not always true. When you have been to a place before, you will know which restaurants and trips to avoid.

In conclusion, I think there are more advantages than disadvantages when you go to a new place because it will improve your knowledge and make a change. If you keep doing the same things, you cannot develop new and interests thing in the world.

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Jul 01, 2019
by: Anonymous

Good essay though, but I would suggest you be mindful of your tenses.

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Visiting Difficult Places Essay

by Umar



Can anyone give feedback on my writing.

Today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara desert or the Antarctic.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places?

It is generally said that humans are always striving to enrich their learnings through exploring new places. It may be the reason that more people tend to visit remote places where living conditions are harsh with difficult accessibility. There are advantages and disadvantages in this approach.

Exploration of these places equips humans with realities and true meaning of their lives. One may learn his own capabilities and limitations. They may also satisfy their self-actualization needs and get to know themselves. Siberia is such example, where despite of difficult situations people tends to visit and upon returning, they contribute more positively to their own communities. When large number of people come to these places, it is also good for their local economy. Many businesses grow with influx of tourism industry and it brings positive impact of lives of residence. For example, there are now many tour operator companies are going to launch their business in Sahara Desserts and many new jobs are created in area.

Some disadvantages are also associated with this, if more people are visiting these places than it becomes difficult for Government to ensure their safety. As these area lacks basic infrastructure hence more lives are put in danger. Most people are not fully experienced to survive in these brutal conditions and they add more burden on local services. Secondly, most visitors don’t take care of local customs and annoy local communities.

To conclude, we may say that when tourists visit to isolated lands, it improvises themselves and brings positive changes of local community. But at the same it brings challenges for local community.

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Jan 23, 2020
by: Harsh Sheth

Visiting remote places damage the environment of place and there are likely to spoil the beauty of that place as in remote area there is no basic facilities. Therefore, tourist carry disposable product with them and throw away after using it.

Apr 29, 2020
you didnt understand the question bro
by: Anonymous

The question is:

'What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places?'

And you have written employement and what not which is not right. You will scored low due to task achievement.

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