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IELTS Essay - Vegetarian Diet

by Shima

Vegetarian Diet or Meat?

Vegetarian Diet or Meat?

Everybody should adopt a vegeterian diet because eating meat can cause serious health problems.

Do you agree or disagree?

These days a number of folks prefer to have vegeterian diet instead of meat one, on the other hand, a bigger group of people don't accept these tragedies. Whereas, in my opinion eating meat is necessary for our healthiness indeed.

Having vegeterian eating habits would have a lot of benefits in every individual's life, for example it can help to rapid digestion especialy for ones who have suffered from intestine deases. Moreover, these group of people would insist on the rights of animals which we are eating them, they say that their primary rights such as not being killed should be considered. Furthermore, they believe that one specific law should be enacted related to punishment for those who would sacrifice innocent animals just for eating.

On the other hand, being a vegeterian isn't as pleasent as multipled individuals said. There are plenty of vitamins and required supplies which they are vital for our body. These kinds of minerals would be recieved to our body with eating meat, these appetite will keep up our muscles stronger compared with just eating vegetables.

Overall, I think that a healthy diet just as articles illustrate, consist of enough vegetables, meats, minerals and diary. Boldly, in our stressful and full of pollution society.

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IELTS Vegetarian Essay


Every one of us should become a vegetarian because eating meat can cause serious health problems.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Become Vegetarian is good concept but it is not possible to every one, despite of some health problem with eating meat. I believe that having vegetarian diet or meat diet is depend on region at which you leave, climate and also other factors.

Firstly I agrue that in cold places like North Canada, you can not live without meat food. It provide enough fat, vitamine, minerals and tolerance ability against coldness. In such area you have to eat meat to survive you self. same things apply to desert area. where vegetarian food not easily available as meat. Secondly I believe, if world become vegetarian than we could face problem of non meat food and on other side goat, hen and other animals population is increase drastically because it is control due to us. In addition to that meat helps us to keep fit our physical body fit.

On the flip side there is argument that meat food invite many health related problem such as high fat, blood cancer and digestion problem. Health problem is differ from person to person and what type of quality food you eat. So I would suggest that what ever you eat that should be good quality. We find that people who are pure veg have also such kid of issue.

In sum up I strongly not fever that World should become vegetarian. According to climate, geographical location and our body requirement for nutrician, we should adopt our diet.

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Nov 18, 2014
Vegetarian Essay
by: IELTS buddy


Your real problem is with your grammar and vocabulary.

Your ideas and structure are not too bad, but vocab and grammar errors make it difficult to read and understand in quite a lot of places.

You will really need a writing teacher to resolve those problems and improve in that area.

Nov 19, 2014
can you give me advice how to improve it
by: Nilesh patel

Pls give me advice

Jan 16, 2016
Can any one proof read this Vegetarian Essay please, Thanks
by: Syed

All of us should eat vegetables rather than consuming meat because of dangerous health related issues. In my option, I agree that eating fresh green vegetables is the key to have a healthier and long lasting life. However, we should keep some intake of meat in our daily life to help rebuild our muscles as well as maintain healthy balance.

Firstly, vegetables are considered to be the main source of daily vitamins and minerals that our body requires to be able to function properly. In addition, doctors recommend eating 1-2 servings of cooked or steamed vegetables daily. For example, instead of eating oily unhealthy french fries or burgers, we should pack some carrots with ranch, corn or steamed broccoli. Not only these vegetables taste good but also help us with our daily nutritional intake.

On the other hand, eating meat is also important for human body which help us recover our muscles. In particular, doctor suggest taking at least 2 servings of meat a week. However, in a survey report focused mainly on an average American, it reflects that an average person in America consume meat at least 2 times a day/ 14 times a week.Meat is high in fat, as a result it leads to cholesterol and cardiovascular issues.

In my opinion, there are disadvantages to everything if not used in moderation. But we have to find a good balance and know what is good for us. Adding fresh veggies and some white meat to our diet is the key to have a healthy life.

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