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Working from Home

by Łukasz

Working From Home Essays

Working From Home Essays

Computers and modems have made it possible for office workers to do much of their work from home instead of working in offices every day. Working from home should be encouraged as it is good for workers and employers.

Do you agree or disagree?

Over the recent past Information Technology developed sharply, making communication much easier. Thanks to this teleworking has become more practical. Working from home gives new opportunities for employees and employers as well. It brings more independence and can provide a new level of good quality work.

There are numbers of strong arguments. Firstly, workers spend too much time in offices not doing any work. This is a huge waste of time. They became less efficient. Things which they are capable to do in shorter time last longer. Many factors affect this state of things. Employees cannot focus on their current task because of a colleague requesting some help, a supervisor with issue or just a chat with friend and many others small things. Theoretically short tasks accumulate and from every 5 minute spent on each of them it gets to 2 hours every day. In a full time work mode 8 hours are reduced to only 6. It really makes a difference.

Secondly, by staying at home employees can force themselves to organize their time better. They also do not waste their time to commute. By working fewer they gain more free time which they can spend on developing their skills. A further point is that employers can reduce their cost of business. They can rent smaller offices, buy fewer equipment and recruit less stuff. This can help them to cut the costs and make savings. Money staying it theirs’ pockets can be spent on the team, by providing training and making theirs’ workers more productive.

Finally working from home has many advantages, but can simply do not fit the needs of employees, employers and business. So it cannot be provided for the whole team and every business branch.

In conclusion, I believe that teleworking brings many opportunities for workers and employers as well, but it depends on many various company features. Where possible, I think workers should be offered the choice, but not forced to work from home unless they wish to.


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Flexibility of Working from Home

by CJ

Many employers are now offering their employees the option to work from home. As a result, employees will have much more flexible working hours in the future.

Is this a positive or negative development?

It is well known that many employers are offering their employees to work from home. Due to this, workers will have more flexibility and changes in working hours as well as the way of working, in upcoming days. This option is having both pros and cons. Let us discuss the same in the following essay.

Firstly, it is widely accepted that working from home will give opportunity to the employees to balance work and life equally. For instance, employees can save travel time and that helps to spend more time with their family. And also, as per the experimental research, maintaining a good work-life balance will positively affects the employee's productivity.

Secondly, the work from home option is having the negative side too. Employees without the proper work setup like, internet connection and separate work place, might give low result comparing to office workers. To illustrate this, in office, employee's will be given a good work environment and infrastructure. But, in home, most of the employees will never get those opportunities which will negatively affect the employee's outcome. On the other hand, it will also affect the company's confidentiality, because in home with unsecured internet connection it is very difficult to protect the company's important informations, which is a major threat to the company.

In colclusion, in spite of the fact that work from home is having many positive outcomes, it is also having more negative effects in terms of unfavorable work environment, facilities and security threats. The disadvantages are outweigh the advantages so, I am convinced that working in office is the best way than operation from home.

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