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Academic Word List Sublist 3

Here are the last 10 words for the academic word list, sublist 3, words 51-60.

Words 51-60

  • Sex 
  • Shift 
  • Specify
  • Sufficient 
  • Task 
  • Technical 
  • Technique
  • Technology 
  • Valid
  • Volume

Exercise 1

Which of the above Academic word list sublist 3 do you know? Match the definitions to the word:

1. based on truth or reason; able to be accepted

2. identify clearly and definitely

3. the state of being either male or female

4. a way of doing an activity that needs skill, particularly to do with art or science

5. a piece of work to be done or undertaken

6. a (often slight) change in position, direction, or tendency

7. the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry

8. relating to the knowledge, machines, or methods used in science and industry or the knowledge related to a particular subject or job

9. enough

10. book forming part of a work or series / degree of loudness / the number or amount of something in general

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Academic Word List Exercises sublist 3 - Correct answers:

Exercise 2

Choose which word will fit in the gap:

1. There has been a in public opinion over gay marriage with many more people in support of it.

2. The book he was reading was very so he did not understand all of it. He was not a specialist in the subject.

3. She has developed her dancing over many years. She is now one of the best.

4. If temperatures continue to increase and rivers dry up there may not be water for everyone.

5. He had a argument for changing the policy on immigration, so the government will consider it in the next session.

6. The of traffic on the road has increased significantly over the last two decades. This trend is likely to continue.

7. She took her employers to court for discrimination. She felt she had been treated unfairly just because she is a woman.

8. The contract which was drawn up the terms under which it could be terminated.

9. The advances in computer have been so fast over the last two decades.

10. He had many to complete by the end of the day so he prioritized them according the the deadlines.

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Academic Word List Exercises sublist 3 - Correct answers:

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