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Academic Word List Exercises

Sublist 7e: Words 41-50

Here we move on to practice exercises for the academic word list sublist 7e.

In the first exercise you check your knowledge of the words, and in the second exercise you practice usage of the words in a gap fill. These are words 41 - 50 from sublist 7e:

  • Phenomenon
  • Priority
  • Prohibit
  • Publication
  • Quote
  • Release
  • Reverse
  • Simulate
  • Sole
  • Somewhat

Exercise 1

Which of the above AWL words do you know? Match the definitions to the word:

1. to repeat the words that someone else has said or written

2.  to make or do something that looks real but is not

3. to some degree or extent (similar to 'a little')

4. being the only one

5. something that exists and can be seen, felt, tasted, etc., especially something unusual or interesting

6. to ban something or prevent something from happening

7. to make free

8. to change the direction or position of something to the opposite / to drive a vehicle backwards

9. to make information available to people, especially in a book, newspaper, or magazine / to produce and sell a book, newspaper, or magazine

10. something that is the most important and needs to be dealt with first

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Academic Word List Sublist 7e - Correct answers:

Exercise 2

Choose which word will fit in the gap:

1. I’m concerned about the amount of time my son is spending studying. He is doing a lot but I think he could do a bit more.

2. In New Zealand you can see a lot of natural such as lakes, mountains, volcanoes and geysers.

3. The hostages were finally after long negotiations between the government and the militia.

4. He has responsibility for making sure everyone is fully trained. There are normally three trainers but the other two are on leave so he will do it himself.

5. “To be or not to be, that is the question” is a very famous , taken from a play by William Shakespeare.

6. The sale of alcohol used to be , but the government now allows its sale in licensed premises.

7. Every morning when I get to work I my tasks for the day to make sure I get all the essential things done.

8. The new government the previous government’s policy on providing subsidies to all farmers. Now, as before, only cattle farmers will receive assistance.

9. Commercal pilots use flight to help them learn how to fly. Using one is nearly the same as actually flying.

10. The of his biography will be at the end of the year. Many people are expected to buy it.

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Academic Word List Exercises Sublist 7e - Correct answers:


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