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Academic Word List Sublist 7

Here we move on to practice exercises for the academic word list sublist 7, words 31 - 40.

Words 31-40

  • Identical
  • Ideology
  • Infer
  • Innovate
  • Insert
  • Intervene
  • Isolate
  • Media
  • Mode
  • Paradigm

Exercise 1

Which of the above AWL words do you know? Match the definitions to the word:

1. exactly the same

2. to develop an opinion or guess something is true as a result of the information that you have from someone or something else

3. a collective reference to newspapers, the internet, television, magazines, etc

4. a way of living, operating, or behaving

5. to put something inside something else, or to add something, such as words, to something else

6. a typical example or pattern of something; a model

7. a set of beliefs or principles, usually related to a political system, party, or organization

8. to separate something (or someone) from other things that it is connected to

9. to purposefully get involved in a difficult situation in order to make it better or stop it from getting worse

10. to introduce new ideas or changes

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Academic Word List Sublist 7d - Correct answers:

Exercise 2

Choose which word will fit in the gap:

1. The has no freedom of expression as the government places tight controls on what they can say.

2. Since Facebook bought our company, our marketing has operated in a new .

3. From the way she was looking at me, I that she did not understand what I had said.

4. The copy of the painting and the original were . It was not possible to tell them apart.

5. The of communism and democracy are very different, and are based around very different views on how a country should be run.

6. The most popular of transportation in my country is the car.

7. Some people believe that the monarchy should never in political affairs.

8. Steve Jobs was incredibly - he founded Apple, and made it one of the most successful computer companies in the world.  

9. He felt very when he moved to a different city as he was far from his friends and family.

10. The form is mostly complete, but you still need to your name and address at the top.

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Academic Word List Exercises Sublist 7d - Correct answers:

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