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Advertising Essays

by Manj

Hello Friends, I am practicing for my General writing task 2 and below is one of the essay.

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Some people say that advertising encourages us to buy things that we really do not need. Others say that advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives.

Which viewpoint do you agree with?

Advertising, a key factor for the success of any business. It is a medium through which consumers are made aware of new products or enhancements made to the existing products. Some argue that it makes people buy things which they don’t need and few refute it stating it does helps them in improving their lives. These would be further discussed in the following points.

To Start with, few are of the opinion that advertising lure them to buy products which are not required. This can be seen with people who are obsessed with gadgets. Whenever they come across any attractive product which has got an impressive functionality, they prefer buying it, even if they don’t require it. Hence, it is evident that why few believe that advertising encourages them to buy unnecessary products.

On the contrary, few support advertising, stating that it helps them in improving their lives. For instance, advertisements on new fitness products or new and improved groceries items which make people in improving their lifestyle. Thus, it can be seen that why many are in the support of advertising.

To conclude, after analyzing above points, it is clear that few buy unnecessary products based on their features and few buy it based on their benefits. As far as I am concerned I believe advertising spread awareness of new products to consumers which at the end of the day benefits all.

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Ways of Advertising Essay

by ana maria dumitrescu
(bucharest, romania)

Some of the methods used in advertising are unethical and unacceptable in today’s society.

To what extent do you agree with this view?

Advertising is all around us. We see billboards on every tall building in the city, the movies and shows we watch on TV are constantly interrupted by commercials, every magazine and newspaper that we buy reserves a considerable number of pages for advertising.

Personally, I strongly feel that advertising intrudes on our lives and manipulates our minds in a highly unethical way. First of all, like it or not, we cannot escape it. And perhaps this is one of its methods to reach its purpose. Regardless of how unacceptable we may find it, we cannot elude it, we cannot get away from it. And this, in itself, is a violation.

Second of all, my opinion is that advertisements rely on half truths and deceit to attract consumers (a revealing example is that of certain commercials for dietary products that unrealistically promise spectacular results in short periods of time with no side effects). Advertising practically feeds on the lack of education and the gullibility of some and, even more terrifying, on people's fears and frustrations. Not rarely do publicity experts first create the impression of a need, a false problem, to later come with a solution to it.

Lastly, I find that too many advertisements use overly sexualized imagery. Objectifying women and exposing children to semi nude pictures raises serious questions about the morality of publicity and also about the morality of a society that allows this to happen.

To conclude, i feel that advertising should be regulated by stricter laws and we, as a society, should not stand idly by while it intrudes our lives in morally dubious ways.


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Essay on the Power of Advertising

by chikky

Hi all,

Can anyone help me checking and evaluating my answer so it'll be so helpful for me to take my ielts exam where i am supposed to take writing band 7 ...

Here's the question,

Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflects the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In our day to day life, we are exposed to many adverts whenever we switch on our T.V, radio, internets and also across the streets wherever we pass by. Moreover, the advertising products are advertised by the famous cine stars and sports professionals inorder to attract the consumers. A deep thought arises as, the influence of advertisement is good or bad to our society.

On its positive side, people who are in search of products gain by this as it gives about the insight of the product about the instruction of usage, availability in stores and the range of products thereby people can purchase it easily without spending more time exploring other options.

But on the other hand, advertisements are used as an influential tool by companies to gain profit. They advert products quite often and this act has caused consumers to buy products blindly without knowing its importance at times. For instance, an overweight lady can be easily swayed on seeing slimming products used by zero size models. Similarly, cigarettes became popular by the cine stars using it in a stylish way as shown in adverts.

Not only adults are targeted, in order to drag attention of children, toy companies advert their products in a selfish manner. As small children have less discriminatory power, they force their parents to buy for the products.

Having discussed both sides, I personally feel that the influence of advertisement is so much upon the society which has created financial crisis globally. Therefore, it is better to restrict adverts and also regular checks should be made by tv regulators. Also, adverts targeting upon childrens must be completely restricted.


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Essay on the Influence of Advertisements

by raman

Can anyone check my essay and tell me about how much I score for this essay?

Consumers are faced with increasing numbers of advertisements from competing companies.

To what extent do you think are consumers influenced by advertisements?

What measures can be taken to protect them?

Undoubtedly, the advertisements of products are increasing day by day. These advertisements can easily available in the television programs and billboards. Add to above, consumers are influencing by these advertisements. I, personally believe that such issue should be handling with care to protect consumers.

The principal point is that as the technology develops, the way of advertising the product are changes than the ancient times. Companies used invention of technology like mass media, television, billboards as well as internet to promote products. Moreover, the advertisers used celebrities in ads of various products because specially youngsters like to imitating trends of stars. However, films and drams are main hub where an organization can advertise beauty products. The celebrities are not concerning about the quality of products. Even, the quality of product is not the same as shown in that time.

However, these advertisements are producing gargantuan impact on consumers mind. Firstly, Government plays imperative role to stop manipulation during promotion of product. Government should introduce strong laws against the companies those plays with the quality and effects of product in promotion time. Furthermore, celebrities should understand that they are idolizing of people, people trust on what they are saying for any product. Therefore, they do not help companies to wrong interpretation of product.

To recapitulate, Government as well as celebrities should notice about the manipulation of quality during advertising time. People should use their own thinking when the buy a product.


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Impacts of Advertisements Essay

by Sam

Some say that advertisements of toys and snacks have a huge impact on children and their parents, and therefore advertising to children should be banned.

Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give your own opinion.

Since the dawn of time, advertisements have been a connecting medium between the society and the business centres. The majority of a human being, through the ages, have been relying on such strong system without much analysis of its credibility. Children, in their growing ages, are not able to judge the usefulness of any product. In the present growing market, a giant number of advertisements are directed towards children like a food product, toys, video games or other costly electronics, different clothes and uncountable varieties of cosmetics. In my view, advertisements of toys and snacks indicating towards children should be banned. The notion will be proved by analysis the harmful health effects and impact on behavior.

First of all, food habit of children should be healthy. Age appropriate balanced diet should be decided by the parents. The habit of a healthy diet will be damaged by fast food like different snacks, chips, canned food, deep fried food which are though tasty but having very little caloric value. For example, if a child satisfies hunger with ready-made fast food, then he or she will not be interested towards the food like milk, green leafy vegetables and so forth. Thus, it proves that advertisements of such product will rather harm the growing heath. That is why, it is advisable to restrict the door of such advertisements directing towards children.

Secondly, attractive toys, beautiful articles always lure children to gain that product by any means. It often deviates a growing adolescent to the road of anger, violence and frustration. Furthermore, when a child gets attracted to a product and parents cannot afford it due financial difficulty, it creates a huge impact on growing brain of a child. For example, children might think himself as an unprivileged person in the society in comparison to his peers. Hence, it is quite evident that the negative behavioral effect is linearly correlated with such faulty advertisements. Therefore, it is not wise to augment the negative behavioral phenotype inside a growing child since early ages.

To sum up, it is clear that advertisements of snacks and toys have a miserable effect on children physical health and behavior. Though some people might not give a look on the negativity of such phenomenon, it often creates a lot of tension among caregivers. According to me, it is always the duty of the parents to decide over activity of children. Leaving them vulnerable to such adverts will definitely harm them in a large extent. So, I strongly opine against the use of advertisements especially directing towards children.


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Adverts Aimed at Children Essay

by prab

A high percentage advertisements are aimed at children.

What are effects of television advertisements on children? How we control this problem?

Nowadays, there is bombard of advertisements on satelite channels, which sucessfully manipulate their target audience views and opinions. In this regards, some people believe that Television advertisements are influence to children for unhealthy diet and societal values in wrong way. I am agree with this notion, this essay will be analysed this items by give examples and give the methods to tackle this problem.

Firstly, it is axiomatic that advertisements encourage the kids for wrong dietary choices. For instance, big brands such as KFC, Mcdonald's often represent their food product as athletic diet. However, there are abundance of evidence proved that young food are recipes of obesity, diabetes and eventually cancer. In addition to it, in one advertisement protester are marching against the police and they stopped their protest when police give them Coca Cola. Some people pointed that these kind of television commercials effect on children societal value and also spoiled the image of police officers. For these reasons, advertisements encourage unbalance diet and wrong moral value among the kids.

While, there are some solutions to control this problem. For example, school should add the curriculum component related to disadvantages of advertisement and teaches to children how they control the effect of advertisements and also learn take benefit from the advertisement by comparing to products. More than that parent have great influence on their kids and they can direct impact on their children, For instance, when children watch television, they join them and enjoy with them and when unappropriate advertisement appear, they will change the channels. As above shows, schools and parents can play vital role to handle this problem.

In conclusion, as above has shown, these items has made concrete foundation that advertisement greatly influence the unhealthy dietary choices and moral value, i feel schools and parents can control this impact on children.


Hey, i am afraid, can i get 6 band for above essay?

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Power of Advertising Essay

by Ojone Matty

Today, the high sales of popular goods is the effect of the power of advertising, and not the needs of the society that use them.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

At present, some experts believe that increase patronage in common products by the users is as a result of frequent advertisement and not the want of people. I partly agree on this statement and my reasons will be discussed in this essay.

Undoubtedly, advertisment play some basic roles by making products popular. This is because, it helps create awareness about the new brand either through mass media or by door to door awareness. But this can not makes the society to buy the commodity if they do not have the purchasing power which tie to money. For instance, greater proportion of phone users today have had about the uncommon benefits of using iPhone either from friends o by themselves but only a few percentage of the population can afford it. I beleive that the financial ability of the customers play more important role in the rate at which people trip for such ever available goods rather than the advertisement.

Another point to consider is that, despite the show-off of some goods by the producers, the choice whether or not to buy advised goods still rely on consumer's preference. People source for a product in the market based on it's necessity at that momen. For example, advertising Pampers to a man who is not yet married will not motivate him to procure the despite its crucial benefits to some people.

In summary, advertising goods is can only be necessary for people to be aware of their existence. However, I think that what attracts more sales in the popular commody are the purchasing power of the users and the individual needs

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Strategic Advertising Essay

by Krupa

In their advertising, businesses nowadays usually emphasise that their products are new in some ways.

Why is this?

Do you think it’s a positive or negative development?

Currently, businesses advertise their products as the most innovative thing or as a novelty in the market. The reason for that could be people tend to like the next best thing. I think it’s a positive development as the companies and businesses are forced to innovate and push boundaries in order to achieve that next best thing for the customers.

Businesses tend to advertise their products using tags like new features, new generation, or all new. People are always interested in the most trendy or latest products which are presumably better and innovative than the ones they already got. For instance, Apple will always market its new products as the best possible version of the same. If they are advertising a new iPad, then it will be featured as the new generation of iPad with all the flashy upgrades. The key reason is to make people buy the stuff, compelling them into this belief that it is better to get that latest version of the same products because it’s new.

In this competitive market, where an alternative product for quite literally everything exists. So for businesses to keep selling their products, they really need to be innovative and better than their competitors. I think emphasizing the newer qualities of the product really gives companies that edge they need so it’s a positive development, from a businesses perspective of course. If customers’ welfare is taken into account, then they usually are tricked into buying the products they don’t actually need due to this advertising which focuses on the new features. On the other hand, they get new and advanced products in a very short amount of time.

So to increase their potential buyers, the businesses advertise the latest features in their products and I think it’s a positive development for both, customers and businesses with a tinge of fall back on customer’s side.

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