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AWL Exercises

The AWL exercises on the following pages test you on sets of 10 words from each sublist. There are two quizzes on each page.

This first one is Sublist 1, words 1-10. 

Words tested on this page:

Words 1-10

  • Analyse
  • Approach
  • Area
  • Assess
  • Assume
  • Authority
  • Available
  • Benefit
  • Concept
  • Consist

Exercise 1

Choose the word from the list which provides the best definition of the word.

1. Part of a place, piece of land or country

2. Able to be bought, used, or reached

3. Principle or idea

4. Comprised or made up of

5. A helpful or good effect

6. The moral or legal right to control

7. To come nearer to something

8. Evaluate

9. To study or examine

10. To accept as true without question or proof

Score =

AWL Exercises - Correct answers:

Exercise 2

In this gap fill exercise you need to choose the correct word from AWL sublist 1 to place in the gap.

1. The discovery of oil brought many to the town.

2. Water samples taken from streams were for contamination by chemicals. It was important to check it carefully.

3. It is very difficult to define the of beauty.

4. All of the country will have some rain tonight.

5. Is this dress in a larger size?

6. We could just see the train in the distance.

7. I (that) you knew each other because you went to the same school.

8. The United Nations has used its to restore peace in the area.

9. America of fifty states.

10. Examinations are not the only means of a student's ability.

Score =

AWL Exercises - Correct answers:

Go to the academic word list collocations page if you want to practice these 10 words further and find out about some common collocations.

Words 11-20 >

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