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Academic Word List Collocations

These academic word list collocations can be used to improve your usage of words from the AWL.

Try doing these AWL quizzes first to make sure that you know the actual words from the word list.

When you are sure you know them, you can use these exercises to help you build up some useful collocations.

I can't stress how important it is when you learn a new word to learn the words it commonly collocates with.

This is how to develop excellent writing and speaking skills in English - not by learning words on their own with no idea of what to place it with.

There may be many different words that collocate together, but on this page I have tried to pick some common ones. You should check online though to find other collocations.

AWL Collocations - Sublist 1

These are taken from the first 10 words of sublist 1. Learning them in chunks of 10 will give you a good method to organise your learning.

These are the words:

Words 1-10

  • analyse
  • approach
  • area
  • assess
  • assume
  • authority
  • available
  • benefit
  • concept
  • consist


1. There are many benefits of exercising regularly.

2. We must assess the situation before making a decision.

3. I don’t like living in areas. I prefer small villages in the countryside.

4. I think we can assume he didn’t work hard on his essay as it was very poor.

5. The scientists made an analysis of the causes of the disease.

6. I think you are taking the approach towards the problem. There are better ways to solve it.

7. The surgeon coming to give the seminar is the authority on neurological problems.

8. Recreational drugs are available in the city’s nightclubs.

9. Unfortunately, eating only fruit and vegetables to cure illness is an concept to most people. The first thing they will do is take pills and medicine.

10. This page consists of exercises to practice collocations with the academic word list.

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