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'Get' Collocations

This page has practice with get collocations.

Some of the words in the list are fairly common but some are idioms that you may not be so aware of.

Read through the list and check you understand the meaning of each. Do some further research on the internet if you are unsure of any.

Remember that they are verbs so they can change tense. As they can take different tenses, you should just use this as an exercise to become aware of the word.

Trying to use a new word but making errors with it may not help your band score so you should check how the collocations can be used in different ways.

'Get' Collocations List



get away Leave
get divorced End a marriage
get drunk Become intoxicated
get excited Look forward to something
get going Start moving / depart
get the impression A feeling due to experience
get a job Find work
get a life Do something different or interesting
get lost Not know where you are
get the message Understand what is meant
get nowhere Failing to achieve something
get off Leave a vehicle, aircraft etc
get out Move out of / depart from
get over Recover from something
get permission Consent
get the sack Dismissed from a job
get a shock Very surprised by something
get started Begin
get upset Become mentally unsettled e.g. angry, sad etc
get used to Unpleasant at first but becomes better

Practice Exercise

Decide which of the three get collocations will fit in the gap.

1. Paul just sits at home all day watching TV. He has no friends and no job. He really needs to .

2. My wife left me two years ago. I've never really .

3. We're never going to finish this on time - we really need to

4. Over an hour had passed by the time we the plane. There was a problem with the doors.

5. I'm starting to about my holiday. It is in two weeks time.

6. I'm trying to achieve the score I need in IELTS but I seem to be It is always the same score.

7. You have to if you want to leave the exam room.

8. I when I saw my IELTS score. I thought I'd get band 6 but I got a 7!

9. My husband and I nearly five years ago.

10. I'm studying English because I from my job last month. I need to improve my skills.

11. It was really difficult moving to live in another country but I'm it. I've made a few friends now.

12. Sorry I'm so late. I on the way.

13. I need to from my home town. There are no jobs there and no future for me.

14. I when I don't get the score I need because I have been studying so hard.

15. I he doesn't like me - he talks to everyone else except me.

16. I've finally got the score I need - let's go and .

17. We might miss the plane - we'd better .

18. I keep telling him I don't want to see him anymore but he doesn't seem to .

19. I need to so I can pay my rent.

20. We need to of here soon. The teachers coming, we don't want to get caught.

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