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Gerund and Infinitive Exercises

On this page you can try some gerund and infinitive exercises to test your knowledge. There are two quizzes.

You have to decide if you need the gerund:

  • verb + ing e.g. swimming

or the infinitive:

  • to + verb e.g. to swim

For some, either the gerund or infinitive is possible.

Quiz 1

In this Gerund and Infinitive Exercise  Quiz 1, it is a story about Ali, who is taking the IELTS test in order to go and study abroad.

You have to write in either the infinitive or gerund form, or if you think it could be either, write in both. You can then check your answers at the end of each paragraph.

Ali's Story

Booking The School

Ali decided that he wanted (study) abroad. (achieve) his goal, he had many things that he had (do) . Firstly he needed (improve) his English so he could take the IELTS test. Unfortunately Ali disliked (learn) English so this would not be much fun. His friend recommended (attend) a school close to his house. Ali went to look and from what he could see it seemed (be) a good school. He didn't delay (register) for a course. He managed (get) a good price for the course because they had a special offer on. This was good because he could not afford (pay) too much.

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He had never read much in his life and knew he was weak in this area, so he practiced (read) as much as he could. He hated (write) in English too as his grammar was quite weak so he also planned (practice) writing as many essays as possible. His teachers agreed (check) these for him. As it turned out, Ali actually really enjoyed (study) English. The other students on the course didn't hesitate (help) Ali and the teachers always offered (assist) him if he was stuck. He kept up his studying for a number of months because he wouldn't risk (sit) the exam until he was ready.

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Taking the Test

Then came the time for Ali (take) the test. He couldn't stop (worry) before the test. His teacher had recommended (do) the Task 2 first in the writing so he followed those instructions. He finished (write) his Task 2 after exactly 40 minutes and then went on to the Task 1. The speaking test seemed (go) quite well even though he was nervous. He can recall (ask) the examiner at the end how well he had done but she refused (tell) him. Then came the time for his result. He had expected (get) a band 5.5 but he was surprised (find) out that he had been given a band 6.

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The Result

So Ali could now go and study abroad. Although he was happy, unfortunately it did mean (leave) his wife and children for a year. He considered (take) them with him but it would be too expensive. He knew he would miss (see) them everyday but his parents offered (take) care of them and promised (make) sure they were safe. Ali did love (travel) though so he knew he would enjoy the trip. He began (prepare) his trip immediately.

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Quiz 2

This next gerund and infinitive exercise is a multiple choice and you need to choose the correct answer.

Multiple Choice

1. He resented his father him no money in the will.

2. She intended the work by 7pm.

3. She continued the medicine for two weeks.

4. The committee forgot minutes of the meeting.

5. He quit to persuade his friends to go with him.

6. The government discussed the level of taxes.

7. He started an addiction to the drugs.

8. He claims the best builder in the town.

9. Developed countries tend the highest levels of obesity.

10. I appreciated her the time out to talk to me.

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Gerund and Infinitive Exercises - Correct answers:

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