Quiz 2 - IELTS Graph Data

On this page you'll find further IELTS graph data for some further practice with your flexibility to write about graphs and tables.

Often, data is not exact e.g. exactly a half or 50%, so you need to use phrases that show you are approximating (estimating roughly what the figure is).

Sometimes it is also difficult to tell from the graph picture itself in the test exactly what the data level is, so again, you will need to approximate.

Drag and drop the box on the right underneath the box on the left that you think means the same thing.

If it is wrong, it will show up in red. You will then need to drag it back and try again.



IELTS Graph Data - Quiz Two


just over three quarters
just under/nearly a half
almost/nearly a third
just over a quarter
approximately 60%
a very large majority
a very small number
around two thirds
almost all
just under/nearly a fifth



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