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IELTS Task 1 Verb Quiz: Processes & Passive Voice

In this IELTS task 1 verb quiz you will be tested on your knowledge of verb forms in processes/diagrams. Process or diagram descriptions occasionally arise in the test, though they are less common than other types of graph.

You need to place the correct verb into the gap. Remember that with diagrams and processes you will sometimes need to use the passive voice.

We do this when we are focusing on the action rather than who did it. With intransitive verbs, however, we cannot use the passive, and must use active.

The statements from the quiz refer to this man-made process:

IELTS Task 1 Verb Quiz



Choose the correct verb form to go in the gap.

1. The given illustrations ____________ how electricity is generated using the power of the sea.
are presenting
2. Overall, through a specially designed structure, a green source of electrical energy _____________ by the constant movement of the sea, which forces air through a chamber.
can be produced
is produce
3. As seen in the first image, the man-made structure ____________ next to a sea wall or cliff so that its foundation is strong enough to withstand the powerful waves.
is builded
is built
4. There is a specially constructed chamber that _____________ seawater to flow in and out.
is allowed
5. The chamber leads into a column where a turbine _______________.
is suspended
was suspended
6. When a wave _____________ into the chamber, the water forcefully pushes the air out of the column.
is flowed
is flowing
7. As the strong rush of air ___________ upwards, it pushes past the turbine, causing it to rotate quickly.
is traveled
8. It is this mechanical movement of the turbine that ____________ electricity.
is generated
9. As shown in the second picture, when the wave recedes, air refills the chamber, ______________ the process to continue as the waves will keep entering and exiting the chamber, making the turbine spin continually.
10. The result _____________ a sustainable source of electrical energy.

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