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IELTS Listening Practice Online - Section 4

This is an IELTS listening practice online for section 4. In part four you hear a full lecture or talk. It is harder than the previous three sections of the test and also there is no break in the middle.

Therefore, you need to go through all the questions in the time you are given at the beginning. Use this time carefully to underline key words in the question stems that will help you follow the lecture.

The answers and script are below.

Practice Test Three

IELTS Listening Practice Online


Questions 31-40

Complete the notes below


Behaviour of Dolphins

- almost 40 species of dolphin

- found (31)

- usually in shallower seas

- carnivores



- very sociable and live in pods

- super-pods may have more than (32) dolphins

- have strong social bonds

- help other animals - Moko helped a whale and calf escape from (33)

- have been known to assist swimmers



- discovered in May 2005 that young bottlenose dolphins learn to (34)

- dolphins pass knowledge from mothers to daughters, whereas primates pass to (35)



- dolphins may be aggressive towards each other

-Like humans, this is due to disagreements over (36) and competition for females

- Infanticide sometimes occurs and the killing of porpoises



- dolphins have a variety of feeding methods, some of which are (37) to one population

- Methods include:

  • herding
  • coralling
  • (38) or strand feeding
  • whacking fish with their flukes



- have a variety of playful activities

- common behaviour with an object or small animal include:

  • carrying it along
  • passing it along
  • (39) away from another dolphin
  • throwing it out the water

- may harass other animals

- playful behaviour may include other (40) such as humans


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