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IELTS Listening Practice Test Online

This is another IELTS listening practice test online for Section 1 of the test.

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In part one of the test you hear a conversation between two people, usually involving such things as making bookings.

You often have to listen to things such as names of people, streets, organisations, or numbers.

Below is the listening audio and the questions which you can complete online.

The answers and script are below.

Practice Test Three

IELTS Listening Practice Test Online



You will hear a tourist talking to a London Tour Company in order to organise a tour of the popular sights of London.


Questions 1 - 5

For each Answer write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND / OR A NUMBER.


Customer Details:

They will be coming to London on (1)

He's going with his sister and his (2)

Tour Details:

Bus Tour

The cost is (3) £ for adults and (4) £ for children

Tours start at 7am and finish at (5)


Questions 6-8

Choose TWO letters A-G.

6-8. Which three places does the tourist decide he's likely to see?

A Buckingham Palace

B Big Ben

C Harrods

D Houses of Parliament

E Hyde Park

F St Paul's Cathedral

G London Eye


Questions 9-10

Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

9. How will the tourist buy the tickets?

A By phone

B Online

C On the bus

10. How long before he leaves should he buy his tickets?

A 1 week

B 6 weeks

C 3 months


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