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IELTS Listening Practice Part Two

This is another IELTS listening practice part two.  In part two you hear a talk, mainly focusing on one person.

Remember to read through the questions carefully in the time you are given so you can get an idea of the structure of the talk and the topics that will be discussed.

This will help you to follow it and to find where you are if you do get lost. The answers and script are below.

Practice Test Three

IELTS Listening Practice Part Two



You will hear Dan Saunders, a wildlife expert, giving a talk about Pandas.

Questions 11-12

Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

11. Each day, pandas need to eat:

A Very little nutrition

B 12-38 kg of bamboo

C 330 pounds of bamboo

12. If pandas are cared for away from the wild, they can live for approximately:

A 6 months

B 14-20 years

C 30 years

Questions 13-14

Choose TWO letters A-E.

Select two things that are endangering pandas:

A Public awareness

B Ecotourism

C Poaching

D Other wildlife

E Building of roads and railroads

Questions 15-16


15. What proportion of the panda population in China is protected by reserves?

16. What did the WWF create which encouraged people to support pandas?

Questions 17 - 20

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.


Reasons that pandas may not be worth saving:

They are extremely (17) to look after

They have a diet that is not (18)

They get sick easily and are hard to breed

Reasons that pandas should not be allowed to die out:

They are in danger because (19) are damaging the forests

We should protect their homes because other animals live there

The number of pandas in the wild is (20) so they will not become extinct


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Other Sections for Test 3:

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