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IELTS Listening Test Part 2 Practice

This is an IELTS listening test part 2 practice.

This is slightly more difficult than section 1 as the test gets harder in each subsequent part.

This part of the test is a monologue i.e. one person speaking. You may hear one or two other people speak, but it will mainly be one person.

A variety of topics come up, but common things to hear about are explanations of tours, such as where you can go, how to book, them and how much they cost, or someone on the radio giving advice about something or explaining some charity work they have been involved in.

Below is the listening audio and the questions which you can complete online.

The answers and script are below.

Practice Test Two


IELTS Listening Test Part 2 Practice



Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C. for each answer

11 The company expanded in

A 2000

B 2007

C 2014

12 The number of permanent staff is

A 75

B 90

C 150

13 Most volunteers join the program

A in Winter

B in July

C when it is best for them

14 Time Abroad receives all its income from

A partner organisations

B volunteers

C the govenment

Complete the table.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Volunteering Opportunity Activity


English Teaching

Helping with English


Significantly improve the (16) of many children and adults
Agriculture and Farming

Promoting sustainable and

(17) farming

- Promote (18) farming methods

- educate local communities

Veterinary Medicine

- Helping the vet with (19)

- Joining the vet on home visits

- Amazing insights into the country

- See a lot of fascinating animals

- Gain a greater ((20) of the difficulties in the country


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Other Sections for Test 2:

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