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IELTS Listening Test Part 3 Practice

Take this IELTS listening test part 3 practice to improve your band score.

The listening test gets more difficult with each part, so this section is more difficult than sections one or two.

In the first section you heard two people speaking, and in the second section one person. In section three of the IELTS listening test you will hear two or three people speaking. The topic is usually something to do with college or university.

For example, two students discussing a course or presentation, or a tutor meeting with one or two students to discuss their course or assignments.

Some of the vocabulary in this IELTS listening test part 3 practice will be a bit more difficult than the previous sections which will make it a bit harder for some people.

Practice Test Two

IELTS Listening Test Part 3 Practice



You will hear a woman asking a tutor for more information about a Media Studies course at a university.

Questions 21 - 23

Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

21 How long did Louise work at a radio station?

A 2 years

B 4 years

C 6 years

22 Why does Louise want to do a Masters?

A To get a promotion in her current job

B To go into TV

C Employers like post-graduate qualifications

23 How long will it take to do the Masters part-time rather than the modular route?

A 18 months

B 3 years

C 4 years


Questions 24 and 25

Choose TWO letters A-F.

Which two things must Louise have to join the course?

A A bachelor's degree

B Work experience

C Either a bachelor's degree or work experience

D Research experience

E A completed thesis

F Motivation


Questions 26-30


Fees and Funding

The fees are (26) per year to do the course part-time. The university has a (27) it can use to fund the most suitable students. You must have a (28) in place before you can get any funding. The details on funding can be found on the (29) . That will also have information on eligibility, help available, and (30) .



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Other Sections for Test 2:

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