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IELTS Listening Test Part 4 Practice

This IELTS listening test part 4 practice provides you with the chance to improve your skills for the final section of the test.

Section 4 is the most difficult part of the listening test.

It will be a talk or lecture by one person and unlike the other sections of the listening test, there is no break in the middle.

You therefore need to concentrate very carefully to score some points in this part.

Below are some IELTS listening tips to help you in the test.


  • Highlight key words such as names or places in the question stems to listen out for during the reading

  • For tables with dates (e.g. questions 35-40) listen carefully for the years in the 'period' so you can keep track of where the lecture is

  • Have your eye on two questions at the same time - if you miss one, this may prevent you getting lost as you will hear the next one

  • Don't worry about spelling / grammar as you answer - you can correct this as you transfer you answers at the end of the test

  • Read the instructions carefully and don't write more words than instructed - 'No more than two words' means it could be one or two words.

  • At the end, check that what you have written fits in the space grammatically

Practice Test Two

 IELTS Listening Test Part 4 Practice 



Questions 31 – 35

Complete the sentences below

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer

31. Indian Railways is owned and by the government of India.

32. There are more than million people working for Indian Railways

33. The of the railways from 1857 occurred under Robert Maitland Brereton.

34. The joining of the East Indian Railway with the Great Indian Peninsula Railway led to a network of kilometres.

35. The route from Bombay to Calcutta, opened in 1870, was an for the book Around the World in 80 days.


Questions 36-40

Complete the table below

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer

1875 - 1899

The network radiated inward from (36) , Madras, and Calcutta

1900 - 1906

It was not long before various independent kingdoms had their own (37) .


1907 - 1919

When the war finished the railways were suffering from (38) and


1920 - 1938

Between 1920 and 1929, the railways had a (39) of around £687 million


1939 - 1946

The rolling stock that was moved to the Middle East included locomotives and (40) .


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Other Sections for Test 2:

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