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Food and Health Essays

by Mana

Eating a balanced diet is the most important factor for a healthy life.

To what extent do you agree?

Nutritionists have advised of eating a balanced diets. This diet in fact is including of the five main factors of food, and people should eat it with in limited number. I completely agree that there are many advantages of balanced diet, which plays important role of healthy life.

There are several significant advantages of eating a balanced diet. First of all, because this diet consists of the main nutrients, which are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, the body can gain the whole needs of them and support it to work properly. This leads to have healthy nutritious organs and tissues. Secondly, due to the increase number of illnesses around the world, fully completed diet is able to protect the human’s body from the widespread diseases. Cancers is, for instance, a common one among people. Eventually, if a person strengths his immune system from an early age by eating balanced diet every day, it is definitely difficult to be affected with these diseases or even the chronic pains. Therefore, there has been a strong connection between healthy life style and the balanced diet.

It has been claimed that eating balanced diet is not beneficial for living healthy. As this diet has been organized by professions, we cannot eat more than 10% of sugar daily. However, some individuals in our society could not stuck with only this limit because chocolate and candies, for example are the main part of their life, which make them extremely happily. As a consequence, diet means for many kind of entertainment and happiness. Eventually, without specific food, they may feel tired and unhealthy.

To conclude, the balanced diet has brought plenty of positives effects, so once the individual maintains on this nutritious diet, the potential cause of having any disorder would be rare. Nevertheless, those people, who are against eating balanced diets, might understand the value of this diet in future.

Please feedback on my essay.

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Eating Habits and Lifestyles of Children

by Robab

Hello guys, please rate my food and health essay and tell me if there is any problem grammatically or lack of vocabulary or if the pattern is wrong.

In many countries today, the eating habits and lifestyles of children are different from those of previous generations. Some people say this has had a negative effect on their health

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

In these days, by the change in lifestyle, the eating habits of children have also been changed. Some people believe that it has negative effects on child health. I agree with this view and intent to argue about the reasons for such harmful effect.

In today modern and complicated world parents have to spend most of time in working out, so lack of time to be at home for cooking fresh foods can generate health problems to children. Mothers often cook and frizz foods for next day until their child warms it and serve. It isn’t good matter because allow to growing of various pathogens. In most of times, that no food is at the refrigerator, children have to eat fast food. By eating fast foods that are full of salt and fat rather than fresh domestic foods and fresh fruits and vegetables, the deficiency of body proteins and vitamins occurs that leads to dangerous diseases.

Moreover, because of increasing of computerized games, children want to be at home and spend most of their time in watching TV or computer screen that cause bad effects of their eyes rather than play with friends or exercise. Also no movement without sport leads to weights increasing. Fatness today recognized as main cause of many health problems.

In conclusion, I would mention that however changing in children’s lifestyle and eating habits have negative effects on their health status, but parents should take plan to solve it. They can spend more time at home to produce domestic healthful foods, decrease the time of e-games playing by replaced them with other playing like football , also encourage their children to eat fruits and vegetables and arrangement good exercise programs for them like registering them into a sport club.

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Chemicals in Food

by Arum emmanuel

Do the dangers derived from the use of chemicals in food production and preservation outweigh the advantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

In our modern society, it is now common to use chemicals for food production and preservation. Although this have merits but the demerits outweigh the former. This essay will look at both sides with a given conclusion.

It is of no doubt that certain chemicals can be used as food additives. first and foremost, these chemicals when added to food can prolong the life span of the food, therefore making the food consumable at any point in time. For example in international trade whereby food is moved from one country to another over thousands or millions of miles of distance. In addition, it helps in the production of food in due time. certain chemicals for example auxin fasten the rate at which certain food is produced.

However, there are still drawbacks which in my opinion are more than the benefits we receive. These chemicals makes food loose its natural taste and by so doing, might make the consumer of the food dislike it. Also, some health issues arises from the chemicals been put into foods which can be detrimental to ones life. For example colouring in soft drinks and ice cream are few of many which can lead one to diabetes, tooth decay and so on.

All in all, ones health is the most important thing one have to be careful with. chemicals which are harmful to the body should not by any means for any reason be put into food for the safety of our lives. Although food additives is good but the dangers is more important to take into consideration.
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Please IELTSBUDDY, I need feedback on this chemicals in food essay. Am preparing for ielts academic module coming up on the 28 march and the writing task 2 is what am so much worried about. please grade my Food and Health Essay and correct me where am wrong. Thanks

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Balanced Diet and a Healthy Life

by long
(hong kong )

Eating a balanced diet is the most important factor for a healthy life.

To what extent do you agree?

obesity is the health issue that increasing in number, especially in developed countries, which draws people's attention to stay healthy by adopting balanced diet. some people believe well organised diet is the most important factor contributes to healthy life but i have different point of view on it.

it is obvious that well organised diet would helps improving body states. in modern city, meal with little vegetables is commonly seen which caused constipation. balanced diet with adequate greenies can ease the stomach congestion. moreover, green leaves provide diverse essential vitamins and antioxidants that promote proper physical development, strengthen immune system and against ageing.

on top of this, employing healthy menu helps tackling the increasing obesity issue, which is related to many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetic and stroke. besides, the problem is getting serious among young people with the affection of fast food culture. through taking dietician's advice and regulating daily intake, the risk of having such persistent disease would be greatly reduced.

however, in my opinion, it is not enough to stay healthy by adopting balanced diet only. having regular exercise can not only helps burning excessive body fat but improving cardiovascular functionalities. constructing proper sleep pattern is crucial to keep focus on daily activities. in addition, often participating in social parties can contributes to mental health.

to sum up, a balanced diet is elemental to maintain health by providing sufficient nutrients, regulating body functions and proper amount of calories to human body. however, other factors are as important construct healthy habit as diet.

Please comment on my Food and Health Essay

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IELTS Essay Organic Food


Many stores sell organic fruits and vegetables (produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides) even though they often cost more than conventional fruits and vegetables.

Is this a positive or negative development?

These days people are preferring Organic food though costly as they are grown with out chemicals. Basically, people are more concerned about the health which is the main reason why people are preferring organic food compared to the conventional ones and I believe organic food is worth the higher price.

Though ordinary fruits and vegetables look clean, great in color and size, its all because of the pesticides used. On a non-organic farm, their agro-chemicals are all synthetic, and the animals are grown with antibiotics, and growth hormones to produce rapid growth. Also, medications are used to prevent diseases in the animals. Because, non-organic foods use synthetic chemicals, it can be produced easier, and cheaper. Conventional vegetables and fruits are grown with toxic and harmful chemicals to fertilize the soil and kill weeds and insects.

Organic produce has lower levels of pesticide residue than conventional fruits and vegetables. On an organic farm foods are grown using natural bi-products, like manure, and compost. They use spray pesticides from natural sources and traps and mating distractions to keep pests and diseases away. Animals are fed organic feed, and have access to go outdoors. To keep the animals from sickness, preventive measures are used.Organic foods are rich in vitamins and proteins which are very essential for the growth on young generation, that's the reason why many parents go with organic fruits and vegetables. As per the saying 'prevention is better than cure', its always better to take organic food than to take convention food and suffer from various health issues and moreover its always best to buy organic fruits and vegetables which are a bit costly than convention ones than to spend money on health treatments. Organic produce has lower levels of pesticide residue than conventional fruits and vegetables.

Buying conventional food is cheaper, but it isn't cheap to be sick, especially with a major disease like cancer. People who buy organic fruits and vegetables are investing money in their own health and in a healthy future for their children. As the demand is more for organic food, many stores are selling them. It's best to spend the extra money, buy organic, and stay healthy.


Can any one evaluate this essay and suggest improvements?

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Eating a Balanced Diet Essay

by Dori

Eating a balanced diet is the most important factor for a healthy life.

To what extent do you agree?

In recently years, people want eat healthy and nutrition foods. It is really efficiently lifestyle for human being. Firstly, from my everyday experiences and observation I can strongly agree with the statement that consumption of junk foods is reduced from eating lists. Secondly, preventing own health, and protect body from any of illness. In the following paragraphs I will try to support my answer with some reasons and examples.

On the one hand, people’s junk foods consumption is really high level results in them everyday life. However junk foods result is high but globalization modern adults want eat very healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and gluten free foods and cooking at home own ingredients with tastes. They want reduced the junk foods special avoiding sugar, fried foods and alcohols. A recent research concluded that people are still eating junk foods because of very attractive television or social channel fake advertisements with great rewards.

On the other hand, all of people prevent own health safety situation before eating unhealthy foods. It is directly affected to protect to any other serious illness and sickness. Using healthy food is 100 percent is security to next living balance; people will live longer, energetic and happiness. For example we can find healthy food’s lists and nutrition products from the internet in advanced technology world. We faced wrong foods dangerous situation is coronavirus outbreak at the moment.

In conclusion, many people prefer eating healthy energy foods in them life. It is right way of wasting foods, avoid of spending money for unhealthy and prevent health life.

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