Idioms Exercises

These idioms exercises will help you to learn the idioms from the common idioms list. Here are the next 10. 

Remember to go back to the common idioms page to learn the words if you have not done that yet.

  • practice makes perfect
  • pulling your leg
  • rule of thumb
  • smell a rat
  • take a rain check
  • the ball's in your court
  • the spitting image
  • till the cows come home
  • tongue-in-cheek
  • under the weather



Idioms Exercises - Practice 4

1. Wow – the painting is of you. Who drew it?

2. I'm a bit busy so I'll , but thanks for inviting me.

3. I've been a bit since last night. I think it may have been something I ate.

4. Are you ? I don't believe you really did that.

5. The police when he said he wasn't involved in the crime. Someone fitting his description had been seen in the area.

6. Don't worry if you can't do it yet. Keep trying. .

7. The in our house is not to talk about politics – it always ends in arguments!

8. The TV programme was a look at American culture. It wasn't that serious.

9. I've told him how angry I am, so now. We'll see what he does.

10. We'll be waiting for England to win the football World Cup again.

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Idioms Exercises - Correct answers:


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