IELTS Forum is the opportunity for you to discuss the IELTS test with other people who are preparing for the exam.

Do you have questions about the test?

Do you think you can help other people taking the test?

There are a number of forums listed on the page and you can post your own topics or reply and comment on other people's topics.

Decide which forum you think is the right one for you then click on the link to be taken to the correct page.


Academic Writing Task 1

Post here if you have any questions or comments about writing graphs, diagrams, pie charts, processes or maps, or any other questions about this part of the test.

Go to the Writing Task 1 Forum

Academic Writing Task 2

Do you have any experiences of writing essays that you would like to share or any questions about the essay writing part of the test?

Go to the Writing Task 2 Forum

IELTS Essay / Graph Feedback

In this IELTS Forum you can post your own essay or task 1 so other IELTS students can comment on it.

Please note that I will not likely be able to comment on it - it is for other visitors to the site to comment if they would like.

Go to the IELTS Essay Feedback Forum

IELTS Writing Band 7

A lot of people find it difficult and have questions about getting a band 7 or over in the writing part of the test, so this forum is here especially to discuss this topic.

Please avoid questions like 'How can I get a band 7?'. This has been asked before so please look through the forum and read the previous posts on this topic.

Go to the Writing Band 7 IELTS Forum

IELTS Listening

Discuss the listening test - tell others about any tips or ask questions you may have.

Go to the IELTS Listening Forum

IELTS Reading

Discuss the reading test - tell others about any tips or ask questions you may have.

Go to the IELTS Reading Forum

IELTS Speaking

Discuss the speaking test - tell others about any tips or ask questions you may have.

Go to the IELTS Speaking Forum

IELTS General Training

Here you can post any questions or comments about the IELTS General Training part of the test.

Go to the IELTS General Training Forum


If you have some general tips about the IELTS test for other people then reveal them here. Let people know what you did to get a high score.

Go to the IELTS Tips Forum

Practicalities of the test

Here you can post about things connected to IELTS administration such as whether you should get your test remarked, cancelling the test, booking the test, converting scores, registration etc.

Go to the Practicalities of the IELTS Test Forum

IELTS for Immigration

Do you have some questions about how to use your score to work abroad?

You will need to contact an employer or immigration to check specific requirements, but post here about any other questions or to post comments.

Go to the IELTS for Immigration Forum

IELTS and Studying Abroad

If you have some specific questions about going to study abroad then post here.

Go to the IELTS Studying Abroad Forum

Newbies to the test

Are you completely new to the test or you still don't understand some aspects of the test?

Then post your question in this IELTS forum.

Go to the IELTS Newbies Forum

IELTS Teachers

Do you know of a good teacher you would like to recommend or are you an IELTS instructor and you would like to tell people about what you can do? Then post here.

Go to the IELTS Teacher Forum

IELTS Resources

Do you have any questions about what is the best book to buy or do you have a book you want to recommend.

Or maybe there are other good resources you have found and can recommend.

Go to the IELTS Resources Forum

Feedback about IELTS buddy

Has IELTS buddy helped you with the test? Let others know about how it has helped you here.

Go to the IELTS buddy Feedback Forum

New! Comments

Any questions or comments about this page or about IELTS?

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