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How is the IELTS CBT Listening Test Graded? 
Hello. When taking the online exam - does the computer marks automatically? Computers would have black and white answers. for example The question …

IELTS Listening Test Question Types 
Hello. I have a question about the listening section of the IELTS exam. I took the exam twice in 2015, once in the Middle East and one in England. …

Brackets - IELTS Listening Test Answers 
In the listening test some answers have a word that is in brackets preceeding the other word. Why is it important to put it in brackets? e.g (strong) …

Synonyms in IELTS Listening Answers 
Dear Sir or Madam, I would highly appreciate if I could get a definite answer about using synonyms as an answer in the IELTS Listening test. In …

Managing Time in the IELTS Listening Test 
I feel the time to look through the questions before the actual audio starts playing is not enough. And the questions that I couldn't look at at the …

Hyphens IELTS Listening Test 
Hi, Please help me to resolve this repeated problem. 1. I want to ask when I could use (-) in between words. In the answer sheet the answer was …

Upper or Lower Case Letters for IELTS Listening and Reading 
Hi ielts buddy, I am really nervous regarding choosing what to write in listening and reading sections. So much of confusion regarding how to write …

Punctuation in IELTS Listening 
Can I write answers using commas? The speaker on the tape was talking about vitamins, their functions, which products we can get them from. When talking …

IELTS Listening: Dates, Times and Currencies 
How to fill in dates in IELTS ACADEMIC LISTENING? For example how to write "First of july'?? 1st of july or 1 july??? Also how to write 9pm to 4 …

Confusing instructions for IELTS Listening - No more than one word and / or a number 
Hi, After reading all ur doubts, now I'am doubtful. Clarify if it is "not more than two/not more than three" means can our answer be two and three, …

IELTS Listening Tips from Students 
Hi, I'm a bit worried about the listening test. I am practicing IELTS daily but getting below 25. Please tell me how to improve the score.

IELTS Listening Procedure 
Do we have headphones in the IELTS listening test? For the listening task do I get individual head-phone or do I listen from a common place - Like …

Difficulty with IELTS maps in the listening section 
Hello, I have a difficulty in academic listening, especially maps. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks

IELTS Listening too Fast 
How to handle the problem that i can't hear the IELTS Listening clearly? He reads too fast!

Tips for IELTS listening multiple choice questions 
Any tips for doing multiple choice questions in listening?

Must the Answers Match the Answer Key? 
in the listening test, 1) One answer I wrote is "too much (written works)" but on the answer sheet, it says the answer is (written work) my answer …

Confused by some test answers in Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests 
I am practicing IELTS listening and I have come across these confusions: 1) Time How do I represent time in my listening answer sheet? Example, …

Choosing Singular or Plural in the IELTS Listening Test 
Hi, I need your help to understand below points, request you to help for this. Listening Question Type- Ques: If I am not sure about singular or …

Do I lose a mark for spelling mistakes in the IELTS listening test? 
In one of the listening questions I wrote "aquipment", instead of "equipment"...that's a spelling mistake and does it mean that i lose a mark?

Using All Capital Letters in the IELTS Listening and Reading Tests 
Is it alright to answer in all capital letter in listening and reading section? I always make mistakes in capitalization. Most of time instead of starting …

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