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IELTS Bar Chart Example

This IELTS bar chart example is about the participation of Australian 5-14 years olds in certain leisure activities. 

The comparison is between the participation of boys and girls. 

Take a look at the question and the bar chart. What are the key features? How would you organise your answer? You need to do it in a clear and logical way.

IELTS Bar Chart Example

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The bar chart shows the participation of children is selected leisure activities in Australia.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Model Answer

The graph indicates the level of participation in various leisure activities between Australian boys and girls aged 5 to 14 years old. It shows what percentage of each group have enjoyed these activities, and shows which activities are more popular by gender.

In general, the boys in this age group engage in a higher number of included leisure activities than the girls, with higher participation levels in all activities except art and craft.

As we can see, watching TV and videos is the most popular activity for children in this age group with 100% of the boys and girls surveyed having been involved. The least popular activity overall is skateboarding/roller-blading, as it saw the lowest overall participation rate amongst the boys and girls, at around 38% and 28% respectively.

The boys show a preference for electronic games, which were enjoyed by 80% of them, and outdoor activities, such as bike riding, which 70% of all boys surveyed had participated in. They were less interested in arts and crafts. The girls on the other hand took part in bike riding, electronic games, and art and craft at similar rates, with all at around 60% participation.

(196 words)


This IELTS bar chart example would score high for IELTS as it cover all the requirements of the task.

The graph is introduced and there is an overview selecting some of the important trends. 

The body paragraphs then proceed to look in more detail at the categories and data, making good comparisons between the boy and girls and drawing out the main features.

There is also a good use of grammar and vocabulary, both of which are accurate and show a range of grammatical structures and words

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