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IELTS Exam and Fees in USA

The IELTS exam fee in USA ranges between $215–310 USD, depending on location and test type (IELTS, IELTS UKVI, Life Skills). It's based and paid for in the local currency so there are no currency exchange issues. 

There are over 50 test venues and centres in the USA, found in universities, language schools and community colleges. 

Checking IELTS Exam Fee in USA

IELTS Exam Fee in USA as of 2024

Standard IELTS Test

USD 215 – USD 310
(depending on location)


USD 295

IELTS Life Skills

USD 195

To check the latest prices and what the IELTS exam fee is for a particular place in the USA, do a search for the city where you would like to take the test, then the fee will show up.

You can do your search here by clicking 'book now' and the type of test you wish to take:

The exam fee in the USA does not vary according to the type of test you choose (Academic or General), but it may vary slightly between different cities or institutions and whether it is UKVI. The price differences though are small. 

Like elsewhere, the IELTS Test in the USA is available up to four times each month.

Who accepts IELTS scores in USA?

IELTS results are accepted by 1000s of institutions in the USA. To check which places accept it and what score they require, you can search here:

Should I take TOEFL or IELTS?

TOEFL is the test commonly associated with study in the USA. Check out the differences between IELTS and TOEFL if you are unsure of which test to take. 

More IELTS Faqs & Information:

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